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Contact lens wearers question

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Jumpsuit29 · 02/07/2023 12:31

Those who wear contact lenses - do you ever get white gunk in the corner of your eyes? And/or cloudy vision? Have you ever been able to fix this?

example: went out for the day yesterday, put eye drops in before I put my lenses in as normal. They were perfect for about 4/5 hours - no gunk, no cloudiness, really comfortable

Then at dinner (about 6 hours after I put them in) I could start to feel there was gunk building in the corner of my eyes (you know when you can feel it) and when we got up to head home I got the cloudiness that I had to blink anyway. When I checked a mirror my eyes were filled with white gunk, mostly inner corner but also on the outer corner too

I have worn contact lenses for 20 years and this has only started happening in the last couple of years. I only wear lenses occasionally on the weekend, not during the week, and I am hydrated and use eye drops

why is this happening?! It’s driving me insane. Has anyone ever had this problem and fixed it?

OP posts:
SirChenjins · 02/07/2023 12:35

Are you getting near the perimenopause? I’ve found that I’m not able to wear my lenses for much more than about 5/6 hours now without my eyes feeling uncomfortable - I wonder if your eyes are starting to react to them?

tobyiana · 02/07/2023 12:36

I hate this. I get cloudy vision too especially if I wear them too long. The gunk I have experienced too. I had to use them less for it to go away. Eyes need to breathe

PlumOwlSuki · 02/07/2023 12:36

Worn them for 30 years. Never had gunk. Only that kind of thing with conjunctivitis then I don't wear them.

AuroraForever · 02/07/2023 12:38

It’s protein build up. Do you wear daily disposables? Mine were worse with reusables but since wearing dailies it’s much better.

Sometimesgood · 02/07/2023 12:39

I'd speak to your optician as it sounds like a build up of bacteria

PriamFarrl · 02/07/2023 12:41

Had you been driving or using a computer for an extended period? When doing those activities you tend to not blink as much or as efficiently. This can have an impact.

Devincris58 · 02/07/2023 12:42

I wear daily lenses. I get white gunk with hay fever, then use eye drops..., but also I get it due to blocked tear ducts, which Specsavers diagnosed and could see. I use a heated eye mask for 5 minutes to reduce this.

Jumpsuit29 · 02/07/2023 12:49

I’m in my 30s and wear daily disposables!

OP posts:
PinkFootstool · 02/07/2023 13:00

No, never! I've worn them for almost 20 years.

I have very dry eyes and use monthlies.

Are those eyedrops suitable for use with contact lenses? Many aren't.

KnittedCardi · 02/07/2023 13:00

I' m pushing 60 and have worn contacts since my twenties. Never had gunk, but do get sticky/cloudy/dry contacts on sunny summer days. Pollen, dust, and dry atmospheres. I use monthly Accuvue Oasys, which I find fab. If the weather is particularly dry/polleny I switch to the same in dailies, but as they are thinner, they don't last as long in the day.

KnittedCardi · 02/07/2023 13:02

So, you might be better with monthlies!

LeilaRose777 · 02/07/2023 13:03

Jumpsuit29 · 02/07/2023 12:49

I’m in my 30s and wear daily disposables!

This shouldn't be happening, especially with daily disposables. Tbh you shouldn't need eye drops for those kind of lenses anyway. Why not use them on their own for a few days and see how you go? Are the drops within their use-by date?

EvenmoreDetermined · 02/07/2023 13:04

No, I’ve been wearing them for nearly 40 years and this isn’t a thing, only time is if I sleep in them (mine are silicone hydrogels so I can but hardly ever do). Never needed drops and I wear them for 16 hours or so most days. Definitely check with your optician.

bellac11 · 02/07/2023 13:07

My eyes get very dry with lenses now, peri menopause although they were sometimes troublesome years ago

I have eye drops on me all the time, each different handbag and by the bed too and optician says use then as often as you need to

Never had actual gunk, just blurry and cloudy sometimes

WeAreTheHeroes · 02/07/2023 13:09

Never had that I've been wearing lenses for 30 years. I wear monthly silica hydrogel lenses. I do get dry eyes sometimes, more in winter than summer, and use eye drops suitable for use with contact lenses. Have you changed any products or makeup you use? It is possible something is getting into your eyes?

ginoclocksomewhere · 02/07/2023 13:20

Plenty of people need eye drops with contact lenses- it is totally normal. Lenses (even silicone hydrogel ones) take moisture from your eye. Try using the eye drops more regularly, even when you're not wearing the lenses.
But also have a contact lens check- try to book in for a late afternoon so that the practitioner can see the problem. It's no good booking an early appointment when you've just put the lenses in if that's when they're perfect.

GrumpyPanda · 02/07/2023 13:29

I'm getting this recently. My wonderful, incredibly experienced optician says the gunk is residue from tear fluid evaporating too much. So basically, hydrate hydrate hydrate. He's making me upgrade eye drops to a different type that is supposed to lead to medium-term improvement. Also recommended a spray to apply with closed eye lids that forms a protective layer on top and helps lessen evaporation. I'm also getting my lenses replaced more frequently now to make sure I'm always dealing with a maximally smooth surface (using hard gas permeable.)

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