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Preparing 8YO to become a big brother

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PepsiMaxLime · 01/07/2023 21:30

Probably left this a bit late, but DC2 is due in a few weeks and DS(8) has started sharing worries about not knowing “what to do” / how to be a good sibling and is worried about their sibling not liking them or being unkind to them.

DS can be quite sensitive but he worries are totally unfounded, he is the kindest boy and his younger cousins all adore him. We have absolutely no worries about how he will treat DC2 but are obviously worried about such a big life change for him, for 8 years it’s just been us and him.

we’ve of course told him that he can do as little or as much as he wants, we’re certainly not going to treat him as a free babysitter or make him do anything he doesn’t want to/ isn’t comfortable with (e.g giving a bottle or holding baby)

can anyone recommend any books for older children becoming siblings for the first time? Most seem to be aimed at 2-5 year olds.

or any other resources or words of wisdom I could use to put his mind at ease?

thank you!

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