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Please help me understand - now that Twitter has been 'elonmusked' where are people going

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Toffeesgirl · 01/07/2023 21:10

I did like Twitter, made me laugh etc but a lot of the people I followed seemed to have gone since Elon bought it.

I'm a bit ancient so need to know where everyone has gone? Should I now join instagram (which DS says is mainly videos) or somewhere else??

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Ihaveoflate · 01/07/2023 21:23


Frith2013 · 06/07/2023 15:57


Groovee · 06/07/2023 15:57

Instagram released Threads.

SheilaFentiman · 06/07/2023 15:59


Be aware with Threads that it is linked to Faecbook and Insta and WhatsApp, so do you trust Zuck with every last bit of your data?

KenAdams · 06/07/2023 16:15

Threads for sure

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