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Should I call 111

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DancingIsHealing · 01/07/2023 16:15

Hello, just after some advice.
I've had a REALLY bad back ache since yesterday it's more towards the bottom of my back, I've woken up this morning had a hot bath and took paracetamol thinking it would ease off but it hasn't. I also can't clench both of my fists as it's sending a shooting pain up my arm.
It may be unrelated, not sure. I'm 27 fit and healthy, no health conditions.
Would you call 111 incase it's kidney related or is it just back ache and just get on with it 🤣

OP posts:
Sunny1234567 · 01/07/2023 16:17

Call 111.

Oneearringlost · 01/07/2023 16:19

HP. call 111.

Oneearringlost · 01/07/2023 16:20

Are you passing urine?

DancingIsHealing · 01/07/2023 16:25

I'm passing urine but it's very very yellow

OP posts:
GoodChat · 01/07/2023 16:26

I'd call for the shooting pain - although they'll probably send an ambulance as soon as you mention it.

DancingIsHealing · 01/07/2023 16:29

My right side feels weaker than my left I have an awful pain in my right hand

OP posts:
uncomfortablydumb53 · 01/07/2023 16:57

I hope you've called by now, but in case you are in two minds make the call now

ComeTheFckOnBridget · 01/07/2023 17:00

Yes, call them.

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