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How can I politely keep my child’s friends from knocking on our door so much?

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MeMyCatsAndMyBooks · 01/07/2023 14:26

My dc7 has recently been allowed out to play on our street only, we live in a small village so all the kids go to school together.
One friend in particular has taken to being round our house every single day, then going home and ringing my son till his bedtime.
It's a lot, he can't go off the street or to their house as he has type one diabetes and is soooo not ready to take responsibility for his checks and hypos/highs and I could never put that on another parent.
While this friendship is lovely for my son and I'm really pleased he has friends, it's constant. Today we went shopping and they stood outside our house waiting for him to get back to come and play. Yesterday my son was off school and they kept asking for him to come out despite me explaining. This child doesn't seem to have to go home till late either so always wants to come round after dinner too even though dc needs down time.

I'd like to cut it down to 2-3 times a week how do I explain to a 7 year old this? I've said a few times dc can't play today so they sit outside my house constantly. I don't want to be rude to a 7 year old either!

OP posts:
Baldieheid · 01/07/2023 14:29

Just tell them to go home please. Repeat then call parents to collect if they ignore you or are causing a nuisance.

Indoorcatmum · 01/07/2023 14:29

I would explain that your son is available Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4pm and 6pm for example.

I would write this down and tell them to show their mummy so she can help them know when they can come around.

Then, when they inevitably knock outside of those tines just say gently "did you check the paper, son isn't available on Wednesdays".

Unfortunately a schedule is probably your only solution considering he can see when you're home

SingaporeSlinky · 01/07/2023 14:31

Could you start saying your son can only come out to play at weekends, not on school days? And just keep repeating that, “remember I told you yesterday he can only come at the weekend?”

SeaToSki · 01/07/2023 14:38

Tape a big red card on your front door. Tell the friends that when the red card is on the door DS cant come and play.

MeMyCatsAndMyBooks · 01/07/2023 14:39

Saturdays are okay, but Sundays we use as downtime from a busy week and have family time. I'll try and say Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoon and write it down like suggested thank you.
It's nice he has a good friend and I'm happy for him, he's just so ratty and tired from it all at the end of the day so can't cope with it all the time.

OP posts:
SingaporeSlinky · 01/07/2023 14:47

If you’re going to be so specific on days, you probably need to message the boy’s parents too then. I wouldn’t expect a 7 year old to remember those days, and know the days (and saying that, my 9 year old probably wouldn’t either)

SistersNotCisters · 01/07/2023 18:59

I had a friend who used whiteboard marker on her glass pane in her front door

DD1 is OUT
DD is IN
DD3 isn't playing out today

It stopped the million and one kids calling for hers. In this case, a red card as a op suggested would be handy.

SistersNotCisters · 01/07/2023 19:01

*PP suggested. Autocorrect be damned.

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