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Parking in Birmingham

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reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 11:29

We are headed to Birmingham next weekend. We have just realised the hotel car park won't be high enough to allow our van (it's not a high van, it's a vw T5). Can anyone recommend parking for a weekend stay near Broad Street?

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reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 11:31

Happy to pay of course. Just need somewhere reliable and safe

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peppermum60 · 01/07/2023 11:39

Have a look on Just Park - there are quite a few near Broad Street that can accommodate larger vehicles

Danikm151 · 01/07/2023 11:42

Driving in Brum is a nightmare atm because of the road works so ensure whichever you’re driving isn’t cut off.

There are a few council carparks nearby that may be high enough. There’s another at broadway plaza and by the cineworld- I think that’s a europark

reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 11:47

Thanks so much. Now googling different options. You would think the hotel
Might point out that they are within the clean air zone. Just realised we will have to pay that fee as well which is annoying because we won't be using the vehicle all weekend. Only to get there and leave again!

OP posts:
reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 11:53

Wondering if it would be more viable to park and ride? Is that an option for overnight stays though?

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Danikm151 · 01/07/2023 12:15

Train is probably a better option if you have to pay the CAZ charge because that’s up till midnight so for one night you will pay £16

reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 13:07

Currently losing the Will trying to navigate the west mids travel website to work out the best solution. I don't think Birmingham has a traditional 'park and ride' do they? It's turning out to be very complex to work out the best way to do it!

As pp said we don't want to pay double CAC for no reason but is that combined with parking cheaper than parking outside the city and using transport?

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BippityBopper · 01/07/2023 13:26

Maybe drive to a train station them go from there? A direct train from Sandwell and Dudley gets into New Street in 10 minutes.

Iwasjustasking · 01/07/2023 13:27

Which direction are you coming from?

Vanillaradio · 01/07/2023 13:36

Lot of stations on the crosscity train line have free or fairly cheap parking- runs from Lichfield to Bromsgrove/Redditch so depends where you are coming from.

ColonelRhubarbBikini · 01/07/2023 13:39

BippityBopper · 01/07/2023 13:26

Maybe drive to a train station them go from there? A direct train from Sandwell and Dudley gets into New Street in 10 minutes.

This. Free parking at Sandwell and Dudley and it’s right next to a huge police depot/garage so probably very safe. Off peak single to New Street is £2.80.

reluctantadmissions · 01/07/2023 15:57

Sorry I didn't realise I had more replies. I think we've settled on the hawthorns tram station. We are going to come in from East Anglia. Tram prices look reasonable and parking is free.

OP posts:
Danikm151 · 01/07/2023 18:30

Make sure it’s not a match day if you’re gonna park at the hawthorns! It’s a train station too for the football ground 😁

Sportycustard · 01/07/2023 18:33

Four Oaks on the cross city line has free parking and a train every 15 minutes to Birmingham New Street. Takes 20 minutes to get into Birmingham on the train

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