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'Big Friend' present help

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DrLucyVanPelt · 01/07/2023 09:12

Our school has a buddy system, with infants being paired with an older 'Big Friend'. My child's buddy will be finishing Y6 soon. They've been absolutely lovely, and we'd like to get them a small thank you present. Any ideas for a 10/11 year old girl off to high school, budget £10 ish? I've no ideas for this age group! Thanks in advance.

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Danikm151 · 01/07/2023 09:14

The works have some simple craft sets that look grown up £6-£10
necklaces, cups, bug hotel, trinket box etc

JuneOsborne · 01/07/2023 09:15

A nice set of pens for big school?
A voucher for say, Claire's? Local Milkshake/bubble tea place? The works?
A chocolate/giant cookie/sweeties gift?

Moonlightsonatas · 01/07/2023 09:15

Some fun stationery for secondary school, at that age I was obsessed with gel pens.

Missingmyusername · 01/07/2023 09:15

I would probably get a lovely card, a small token box chocs and a voucher.

DrLucyVanPelt · 01/07/2023 11:59

Thanks for the ideas! Will investigate some nice stationery options.

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