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Good Morning Mumsnet! What's everyone up to today?

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lucysmam · 01/07/2023 08:52

I'm just up & have had breakfast - now I can drink my cuppa in actual silence without occasional grumbling 🙈 I'm sat in my spot, with the window open, and my tea brewed in my pot. The girls are still sleeping and their dad's at work for the morning so it's lovely sitting here 😊

As always, washing and pots to be done. They never bloody end. & a quick tidy round and sweep at some point. I'll get the machine going shortly.

We're nipping into town today - dd1 has an interview on Monday afternoon so needs a smarter top than the ones she has. I'm sure dd2 will decide she needs something too. We're going to have a wander round the market a little earlier than last week & buy some more of the giant cakes from the Polish bakery on there. They were divine, and definitely worth more than I paid last week!

When we get in, it is definitely time to stop for a while, after being busy for four days with appointments and Prom, I could do with a rest.

Not sure what the girls will do - I'm fairly sure I heard dd2 tell dd1 she has English homework so will check if she does or I mis-heard the conversation. Dd1 is probably still tired after Prom 🤣 She slept the afternoon away yesterday!

Tea will be something quick and easy, from the freezer probably, then an early one for me after an hour with my crochet project, I think. Everyone else will entertain themselves & go to bed stupidly late, purely because it's Saturday 🙄🤣

What are you all up to? 🙂

OP posts:
gingercat02 · 01/07/2023 09:04

Morning Lucysmam. I'm still in bed.

We're staying with DH brother and family. Some of the menfolk are up and heading for a Park Run. I'll get up when they go in the next 10mins or so for a quiet coffee in the sunroom, perhaps a chat with my lovely SiL.

Youngest nephew has his relatively new gf here so that's nice.

MiL has just moved from a long stay in hospital to a nursing home so that's really the focus of the weekend but it's good to see everyone regardless of the sad circumstances 🥲

OnTheRunWithMannyMontana · 01/07/2023 09:06

Early morning for me as I have an acupuncture session in half an hour. I still feel nervous every time even though I know it doesn't hurt.

It's normal apparently to feel very tired after the session so I'm not planning on doing much this afternoon apart from resting with a true crime novel. DH and DD are going out to pick up my wedding ring that had gone in for repair and taking DDs bass guitar to a repair shop as the amp jack isn't working.

No idea what we are cooking tonight?

Rollonannualeave · 01/07/2023 09:08

Morning. Taking youngest to cricket shortly despite his protests. He is very good at it. Then a school fundraiser event this afternoon. lots of house tidying and sorting to be done in between all that!

RocketIceLollie · 01/07/2023 09:12

Going for a walk with my Mum later. It was her birthday during the week and I've been able to get down to see her.

Crunchymum · 01/07/2023 09:12

Morning @lucysmam I hope you are doing okay? 😊

DP has been working away the past few weeks and is on a tight deadline so it's just a flying 24 hour visit this weekend. Swimming lessons now and then a quick top up shop for a few weekend treats.

When DP gets home in a few hours we'll go to go for a canal walk and head to the local nature reserve. The cafe do a lovely coffee / cake.

Big pot of chilli for dinner with all the dips and nachos in the side. Family film later.

Tomorrow is chilling out and chores.

Eggsley · 01/07/2023 09:13

Morning @lucysmam haven't found one of your threads for a while! I saw you have had a diagnosis, I'm sorry to hear that - how are you feeling?

We're up for football training this morning, then got to go and try to sort out next year's summer holiday. It was all booked but the flight has been cancelled and we've only got a week to decide whether we want the new flights they have offered us (from an airport 3 hours away Hmm) or whether we want to change it.

I've got housework to do today, have stripped our bed and the sheets are in the wash. DS1 has a science test to revise for later. We might pop out to the pub to catch up with some friends late afternoon, but it's looking a bit grey and damp here so we'll see. No plans for this evening, maybe watch a film and eat popcorn.

We've had a few really busy weekends so I'm glad we've not got much on today.

LadyMacbethssweetArabianhand · 01/07/2023 09:15

Morning Lucysmam and others. It sounds like the prom was a success I've had three cups of coffee and an almond croissant so I'm ready to start housework. I might even be able to hang out the washing as we have blue skies here. I had a busy day socialising yesterday, so a quiet day is planned for today. Chicken curry for dinner

lucysmam · 01/07/2023 09:23

@LadyMacbethssweetArabianhand prom was indeed a success! She had many comments from her Swiftie friends about channeling Speak Now vibes - which was what she was going for, so that made her day.

I think I had more fun with the prep than she did though...she was very stressy about sticking lashes (with 7 hours to go) and managed to leave a strip of fake tan on her forehead in the shower, because she was avoiding her hair 🤣 Thankfully both easily sorted. She was like a social butterfly flitting about the groups she hangs with & completely abandoned me!

@Crunchymum @Eggsley I'm doing ok, thank you. Still no side effects to speak of & I'm definitely feeling more energetic than I was!

OP posts:
SaggyCushions · 01/07/2023 09:34

Morning everyone. Quiet day here working from 10-2, bit of laundry, also need to do the washing up.

Swimming with a friend later before another friend pops round for food. I’m making a recipe I’ve just found online because I won’t need to shop. Asian glazed chicken thighs and an asian slaw. I’ve got a couple of cook desserts in the freezer, bottle of wine, job done!

Covidiokilledtheradiostar · 01/07/2023 09:39

Morning everyone

husband is away all and kids have been up since 5:30z luckily they were content to play in rooms / sing wheels on the bus very loudly at each other.

we’re up showered breakfasted and already at our local role play play centre. First ones here so the kids had the place to themselves for a good 20 mins. I’m about to enjoy a nice hot chocolate and chill while they have fun.

lots of washing to occupy my afternoon and need DS1 to try on his new uniform. Hopefully will get time for some cuddles on the sofa and a fill before dinner & bed

then I plan to watch the rest of s1 of the Witcher without DH here to moan about Henry Cavil 😅

ForeverYellow · 01/07/2023 09:43

ds 7 has swimming soon . After that we are going to a local farm / historical farm museum to feed the sheep , alpacas and goats . There are pedal boats and pot painting. Housework in early evening .

eetee · 01/07/2023 09:51

I woke up around 7 and DH has finally got up and made me a cup of tea!!

We only have one DC left at home now and he is still in bed. No plans today really, although I need to deep clean the downstairs at some point as I have a tradesman coming in Monday to quote for some work.

CosmosQueen · 01/07/2023 10:26

Up early and dog walked across the fields and through the woods, very peaceful and cool thank goodness.
Now having a coffee before tidying up, hanging out the washing and looking forward to a few days of peace and quiet because DH has gone off on another stage of his long distance walk. So, no having to cook, far less tidying up, no daytime tv on and just DDog and me.
I have some lovely walks planned, coffee catchups with friends and perhaps even a nice pub lunch after a new dog walk.
Enjoy your weekend 😊

LadyMacbethssweetArabianhand · 01/07/2023 10:37

Aw Lucysmam that sounds lovely. I'm glad it was a success even if you were abandoned 😂

ElleBelleLou · 01/07/2023 10:44

Good morning everyone!

I am at work - been here since 8am after only 1 hours sleep last night, so literally crawling to 5pm. Had a busy day already with system issues so I am really feeling it!

I'm looking forwards to getting home, having a quick tea, a lovely long hot bath and then finally crawling into bed for hopefully a much better sleep.

Baneofmyexistence · 01/07/2023 10:51

Good morning @lucysmam Glad the prom was a success and you are feeling well so far after your treatment.

We’ve got FiL visiting for the day. I’ve got a chicken cooking for later and DS wants to make a crumble so need to go to the shop soon for ingredients and custard.

The weather is pretty rubbish today but having grandad here will keep the DC entertained for the day, we might have a coffee shop visit later if they get a bit excitable. Need to wash school uniforms as well. But a fairly relaxed day today.

peachesandsweets · 01/07/2023 11:18

Morning everyone - so glad to hear prom was a success @lucysmam. Sounds like a great night!

Im sat with newborn snuggling on my lap (the last time I posted on this chat I think i was at breaking point being overdue!!)

The sleep deprivation is absolutely bonkers - I totally forgot about it from DD a few years ago, so having a lazy day today. DH has brought me some sofa snacks and im enjoying some MN scrolling. May try and get out with the dog and the toddler later to burn off some of their energy!

cheeseisthebest · 01/07/2023 11:22

Glad to hear you're doing well!
Just took son to pre arranged appointment to open bank account but forgot the ID so got to go back again. Why it can't be done online I have no idea.

Out with friends for coffee later and going to the gym. Currently trying to motivate myself to do a meal plan for the week.
DS and DH are decorating hie bedroom and DD is chilling after a week of mocks. Need to walk the dog at some point too.

AdaColeman · 01/07/2023 11:41

Hello @lucysmam what a busy day you've got! It's lovely to hear you so perky and cheery. Good luck to your DD for her interview.

Just a quiet day here, with some admin to do. My GP has started a new system where the ONLY way to see or speak to a doctor, is booking an appointment via an internet account, so I'm hoping to set up an account later.

There is also Le Tour to keep an eye on, it starts today, going through some beautiful Basque coastal countryside. Later, I'm making Pasta Alfredo for dinner.

Have a good day everyone!

Decafflatteplease · 01/07/2023 11:50

Morning @lucysmam and all!

Weve had a lovely lovely morning so far. Everyone just pottering around. One teen revising, has now headed to meet friends in a cafe, other DC just playing etc.

About to get some washing on the line it's super windy here I tried having the windows open and they kept banging shut. So washing should dry well outside!

We have absolutely no plans this afternoon and it's lovely. I'm debating an afternoon bath tbh! A much needed chilled day, next few weeks as term winds down are super busy. DC all want to stay in pyjamas today and just chill so that is probably what we will do! Might get some baking done. Got some simple baking kits.

Spaghetti meatballs (homemade) for dinner. Need to actually crack on and make them 😂

Usual wine and TV with DH this evening when DC asleep. Someone on here recommend a ancient Egypt program so we may watch that later.

Feyonce · 01/07/2023 12:04

I forced myself to go to Parkrun this morning, I'm incredibly unfit and it was a real slog but I did it!
DP and I are going out for pizza later so between now and then I’m going to potter about the house and enjoy a relatively calm weekend.

AfraidOfLove · 01/07/2023 12:21

Just cleaned the kitchen in tears, contemplating my bad life choices and knowing I need to let go of someone.

It's killing me and I have noone IRL to talk to.

Neverinamonthofsundays · 01/07/2023 12:26

So far two loads of laundry done. Lots of sitting been done too. Need to have a look in fridge/freezer etc and see what plan I can come up with for meals this week which will be tedious but really need to cut back this month. Will walk the dogs later but that is about the height of it today.

Peridot1 · 01/07/2023 12:32

I started reading this this morning but got sidetracked so it’s now Good afternoon @lucysmam.

Glad prom went well and you are feeling so well.

Bit of a lazy morning here really even with getting sidetracked. DH is currently doing his full time job at the moment which appears to be watching the cricket. He is retired so I suppose it’s allowed! DS is not long up. Well not long downstairs anyway. He’s 21 and will just chill and watch the F1 later.

I was woken at 5am by the bloody birds. It’s like living in the Hitchcock movie The Birds here at the moment. Hundreds of starlings. They are so noisy. We are pretty rural and back on to a field and are surrounded by trees. DH has just come in to tell me to look out the front and there is well over a 100 of the noisy buggers in our front garden!

I am supposed to be going to a homeware warehouse sale today and then our local farm shop. Haven’t summoned up the energy yet.

Going into our neighbours for dinner tonight.

Feyonce · 01/07/2023 13:53

AfraidOfLove · 01/07/2023 12:21

Just cleaned the kitchen in tears, contemplating my bad life choices and knowing I need to let go of someone.

It's killing me and I have noone IRL to talk to.

💐hope you're ok

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