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Either I'm senile or you all have got with the times and already own a pair..

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HowAmYa · 30/06/2023 23:43

I've hit 36 this year, it's been about a decade since I last had enough confidence to wear shorts.
All I wanted was some nice cheap shorts to wear when it's sweltering.
Wtf are these?!

Either I'm senile or you all have got with the times and already own a pair..
OP posts:
Catsmere · 01/07/2023 04:43

Gross is what those are! 🤮

ZenNudist · 01/07/2023 04:53

Looks like the puppy got to the big knickers and pulverised them.

ThatFraggle · 01/07/2023 05:02

Maybe the black 'shorts' are like that so you have something to clip your Bag For Life to.

IndianSummer78 · 01/07/2023 05:06

Hotpants. And..erm...a big hairy spider?!

GarlicGrace · 01/07/2023 05:45

😂 Shein does actually have normal shorts, alongside the weirdnesses one might expect from Wish or Temu! M&S had some decent shorts last time I looked, too - pleated front, I think they were called.

Get yer legs out and enjoy!

PuttingDownRoots · 01/07/2023 06:12

I would love to say nobody wears those but...

I live near a Sixth form college. I saw a student wearing what looked like a pair of high-waisted granny pants, a crop top and a shirt.

For my secondary school aged daughters school residential, we got a specific instruction that shorts needed to be at least mid thigh and no crop tops.

I vary between thinking its great girls have such body confidence and worry they are going to catch their death of cold or insect bites...

Blueuggboots · 01/07/2023 07:29

Next or sainsburys do normal Bermuda shorts - like cut off jeans. M&S have some lovely chino shorts.

ANewAdventure · 01/07/2023 07:30

I went on a similar shopping mission and kept being offered what appeared to be a denim thong….

Azaeleasinbloom · 01/07/2023 07:31

😂😂😂Oh My! Even my 19 year old punk self would say no to those lack things.

Puzzledanddissatisfied · 01/07/2023 07:44

Perhaps the briefer the shorts, the quicker for the Shein sweatshops to manufacture.

MissPoldark · 01/07/2023 07:58

I think the ones with the lace are quite pretty but I wouldn’t wear them.
surely the black ones belong in the lingerie section?
when does a pair of shorts become a pair of knickers?
can’t stand those shorts that are so short you can see someone’s ass hanging out.

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