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Hairbrush recommendations pleez.

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WildRosie · 30/06/2023 19:49

Yes, you read that right. At 52, I'm blessed with a full head of not too long but rather dense, somewhat greying hair. The last brush I bought is losing the little balls on the ends of the plastic bristles so my bonce is getting scratched. I don't use a hairdryer or styling products like gel or mousse. Just shampoo and water every day.


OP posts:
WildRosie · 30/06/2023 22:38

I don't want to spend more than a tenner.

OP posts:
StrawberryPavlova · 30/06/2023 23:32
MaidOfSteel · 30/06/2023 23:37

I second the WetBrush.

Cirice · 30/06/2023 23:53

Third wetbrush!

don’t pay Boots prices though, TK Maxx have them in around a fiver and Superdrug had the limited edition Disney ones in the other week…. I picked up a frozen one for three pounds.
I’ve got four or five of them now, I keep one in the shower but every time I go in the Maxx and spot a limited edition one I buy another 😂

YourBonesAreWet · 01/07/2023 00:20

Fourthing Wetbrush.

I also have a few of them. They are my favourite.

Cirice · 01/07/2023 00:41

YourBonesAreWet · 01/07/2023 00:20

Fourthing Wetbrush.

I also have a few of them. They are my favourite.

They breed don’t they?
I had to buy the first because it was glittery, then I found a limited shiny Princess Jasmine, then Frozen and then another glittery one…..

Nicest brush I’ve ever owned, I’m also in my 40s with long, thick hair.

Gowlett · 01/07/2023 00:44

Wet Brush. TK Maxx.

Nat6999 · 01/07/2023 00:45

If you want brushes for blow drying your hair, I recommend the Head Jog ceramic round ones, they come in a range of sizes from a thin one to one the size of a Coca Cola can. You can buy them on Amazon, my friend who is a hairdresser told me about them.

YourBonesAreWet · 01/07/2023 01:00

@Cirice the liquid glitter ones are my fave.

Hairbrush recommendations pleez.
WildRosie · 01/07/2023 08:28

Thankyou all.

OP posts:
Nitgel · 01/07/2023 08:33

Denman classic brush or Kent brushes.

I don't like wet brushes, they're for detangling aren't they ?

TakeMyStrongHand · 01/07/2023 10:10

I just buy the 99p ones from primark. Sometimes I'll splash out 3.99 on a design one.

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