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My first post holiday blues

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Noworrieshun · 30/06/2023 17:15

We got back from our first ever family holiday a couple of days ago and I cannot shake the post holiday blues at all.

I realise that this will seem a pretty trivial problem as I'm lucky we've managed to get away at all. It was 8 days in a beautiful part of the UK where we were blessed with gorgeous weather. I felt so relaxed and had so much fun with our toddler - a million miles away from my usual anxious self - I'd say it was the best holiday ever. 

As we drove back to our hometown, I looked out at the grey oppressive weather, the rows of takeaways and corner shops and for the first time felt genuinely depressed by it. Normal I'm sure but I've never felt this way and it is just not shifting.

I'm dreading work on Monday and being away from my toddler and DH. It's like I've had a completely life changing experience and the idea of settling back into normal is incredibly difficult.

While I know, time and routine will help, I wonder if there's anything which I can do to make reality a bit brighter quicker. 

OP posts:
frozendaisy · 30/06/2023 17:38

The things you loved in holiday try to drag some into your life/home.

Play in the garden after work, forget about the housework from time to time, read the bedtime book again.

longestlurkerever · 30/06/2023 17:41

It's still summer so there's still time to do outdoor stuff. Park after work, picnic with friends, dinner in the garden. Anything that makes the most of our of work time really. Longer trips out at weekends, maybe the odd night away if you can afford it - visiting friends or family maybe?

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