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Child sleep apnoea help

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jlm122 · 30/06/2023 10:49

Hi - my daughter has always had big tonsils, she's 5 now and as she's gotta bigger it's like they're growing with her, she snores awfully and has disturbed sleep. When she is unwell she really struggles with her breathing while sleeping which means not a lot of sleep for either of us.

I waited a year for an appointment with the ent department and they said she has obstructive sleep apnea and they need to come out, but the wait for the actual operation will be another year. That was 2 months ago, I'm getting really frustrated with the whole situation as yet again it's been another week of very little sleep with my daughter struggling to breath, I'm terrified of falling asleep while she's ill as I often have to rearrange her sleeping position or lift her head up to kind of kick start her breathing again while she's sleeping. I've attached a picture of how they are when she's not ill, when she is ill they look kind of squished together. If I took her to a&e would they do anything?

Child sleep apnoea help
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jlm122 · 30/06/2023 10:53

She's never actually had tonsillitis either and I feel like the doctors etc aren't as bothered because of this but the sleeping issue is affecting her behaviour during the day/at school and is obviously not very nice for her and terrifying for me

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