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What kind of dream is this?!

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mygoel · 30/06/2023 02:06

I just woke up shouting 'who is that?!' and I could've sworn someone was stood next to my bed and I was trying to get rid of them.
It was so loud that I woke my dp up.
I then had to look through the whole house to check for people, but of course no one!
It felt so real and I've never had this befor

OP posts:
IDontWantToBeAPie · 30/06/2023 02:12

I have the weirdest dreams. Chill.

I've had an old school friend become a lemon and rape my sister: and much wors on my side k

IDontWantToBeAPie · 30/06/2023 02:13

I've also dreamed of dragons

mygoel · 30/06/2023 02:13

Scared it was a ghost! Too scared to close my eyes now

OP posts:
Trez1510 · 30/06/2023 02:13

At the risk of sounding sarcastic, is this the first time you've had a dream that was vivid? I wake up most mornings believing, for example, I've won the lottery or am having an affair with Boris Johnson or am very deep in debt or am 21 again and living a life quite different to my actual life at 21.

Vivid is the label you seek.

mygoel · 30/06/2023 02:15

Yes this is my first!
I think I'm still half asleep. I'm shaking from fear ahaha how embarrassing

OP posts:
Trez1510 · 30/06/2023 02:24

It's not embarrassing at all. I sometimes laugh myself awake.. real, proper belly laughs.

The unconscious mind is a weird thing!

Hope you can relax and get some sleep 😴

IDontWantToBeAPie · 30/06/2023 09:24

Every dream I have is vivid OP. It's not a ghost. You get used to it.

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