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Extreme bloating and pain?

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Ouler92 · 29/06/2023 19:52

Hi everyone. Very random but looking for opinions

i have gone to use the toilet 15 minutes ago (tmi number 2) which found was a little tricky to get out (ended up slightly sitting backwards and pushing rather than upright).

a little came out and as I’ve stood up after finishing the most excruciating pain occurred. The only way to describe it is like it’s in my bowel/uterus, it’s extremely sharp and I can’t stretch/stand up straight. I’ve managed to get onto the bed and even trying to lie down is so painful.

I thought maybe I hadn’t cleared out properly, tried to go toilet again and did another poo (was very soft this time) and the same pain is still there. My stomach/uterus has bloated out of NOWHERE and is so huge and painful now.

what could this be? I’ve never experienced this before and it’s strange for it to come out of nowhere. Even trying to raise my voice is hard as that puts pressure and causes more pain.

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