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A Good Night’s Sleep?

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RabbitsRock · 29/06/2023 07:55

How many of you get that? Since menopause I have been getting up at least twice in the night & sometimes struggle to drop off again. Some nights I only get a few hours. Last night was amazing thanks to amitriptyline which I was prescribed a while ago but stopped taking because it made me feel hungover in the morning. This time it didn’t. I went to bed early & only got up once around 1am then I woke at 7. The difference! I feel alert & as if I can face the day. I still have all my usual aches & pains & my infected leg is still hurting but I can deal with it all much better because I am rested.

OP posts:
GreenMini · 29/06/2023 08:01

My sleep is utterly terrible at the moment, menopausal reasons like you, and kids home from uni who are in and out at all hours, either socialising late or working shifts. Five hours is probably pretty average. It's definitely affecting my performance at work.

RabbitsRock · 29/06/2023 09:50

Anyone else?

OP posts:
Groutyonehereagain · 29/06/2023 09:57

My sleep is dreadful. I sympathise but I have no answers.

Summerishereagain · 29/06/2023 10:46

Nope. I have children who don’t sleep well so I don’t sleep well.

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