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Costa too good to go bag

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OooohAhhhh · 29/06/2023 07:36

What's peoples experiences with the costa too good to go bags? Are they good value? Was you pleasantly surprised? Picking up my first order tonight and I'm a tad excited!

OP posts:
valentinoandme · 29/06/2023 07:47

The Costa bags are always really good near me!

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 29/06/2023 07:49

DD sometimes gets one on a Sunday night. Occasionally they give her two bags of there haven't been many orders but suspect the teen boy might have a crush on her.

Always good value. Last time it fed DS, DD and DH and a couple of items went into the freezer.

OooohAhhhh · 29/06/2023 07:53

It's normally sold out and I always miss it on the app. It's only a 5 min drive from me so that's a bonus as well! I'm hoping for lots of savoury to do my partner for lunch at work tomorrow, with a few muffins/cakes for me!

OP posts:
1daughterand3sons · 31/07/2023 17:42

My Costa bag had 2 sandwiches and 2 cakes in it.

I like to get a wenzels cold bag there is always loads of stuff inside the last one had
3 chocolate croissants
3 plain croissants
3 cheese sandwich
2 ham sandwich
2 chicken sandwich
2 chicken bagettes
2 ham bagettes
1 chicken tikka bagette
6 donuts
5 yum yums
6 cupcakes
2 loafs

Thisisnowmyusername · 31/07/2023 17:53

I got one a couple of weeks ago - it had one sandwich, one wrap and one sweet treat (not really a cake, more like a yum yum). Was disappointed to be honest and won't go back. Got an Aldi one the other day and there was loads of stuff in that, including some nice fruit.

Fantina · 31/07/2023 17:55

I’ve given up on Too Good to Go Bags after having disappointing contents no matter where they are from. Including a Greggs one that cancelled as I arrived in store to collect. My one and only Costa one was full of vegan wraps that had previously been warmed so were not nice and none of the DC would eat them.

Fantina · 31/07/2023 17:55

Ps. I hope yours is better!

OooohAhhhh · 08/08/2023 13:27

Ok, so mine had 1 M&S sandwich, 1 Heinz toastie & 2 costa Pannini's.
It was worth over £3, as the app said it was £10 worth of food.
Would like some sweet stuff next time tho.

OP posts:
Year12stressedmum · 08/08/2023 14:03

I got a bag once in the early days of our local costa doing it. 8 breakfast rolls ( bacon , sausage, egg etc) 6 ham and cheese toasties, and about 12 cakes, muffins and croissants, as well as a couple of random fruit pots? I think they thought they just offered everything in one bag. Didn’t manage to get one for months afterwards and when I finally did it was a respectable 2 panini and 3 cakes but I felt ever so let down!!.

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