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Should I be changing jobs asap

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SharkSip · 28/06/2023 23:01

To there's a lot of problems in my work. I was signed up to do a 12 day shift, and to be live in and work split shifts - morning and night. It's intense and gruelling. As soon as there's a quite spell in the physical work, there's more shit to do like - kitchen duties and utility duties and to be honest I am at a place where I want to kill myself because it feels like it will be the only break I will ever be allowed to have. If I don't kill myself, I want to hit the bottle in a big way and find myself a drug dealer and go back on the cigarettes and just eat them by the packet. I am off them for over 5 years. There is an intense longing for them now.

I am migrained out and the only thing keeping me going is a cocktail of meds.

My only trigger as I see it is my work and exhaustion.

OP posts:
Lesina · 28/06/2023 23:02

Yes you should absolutely be changing jobs.

TeddyBeans · 28/06/2023 23:03

Why are you still there?? I would have run for the hills months ago. Your mental and physical wellbeing is far more important than being someone else's dog's body

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