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Puzzle style apps for grown ups

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Lifeisupanddown · 28/06/2023 19:27

Sometimes to clear my head its fun to play on the ipad. I've played games like colour by number, crosswords, candy crush etc... are there any other apps you can recommend that are good just for 15 mins of chill time.
(I also walk, read and listen to music to clear my head but sometimes will choose to pick up the ipad)

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UsingChangeofName · 28/06/2023 23:47


TyneTeas · 28/06/2023 23:49

Have you done Little Alchemy?

Lifeisupanddown · 29/06/2023 21:57

Thanks both, I'll look at these

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 29/06/2023 21:59

Simon Tatham's Puzzles is the best puzzle game app I've found.

Loads of choice of different puzzles with various difficulty options, no ads, no annoying graphics or pay to win etc.

And it's free :)

MossCow · 29/06/2023 22:12

Ticket to Ride

BumFluffBumFluff · 25/07/2023 17:35

little bang story

LooksLikeImStuckHere · 25/07/2023 17:38

Royal Match.

BumFluffBumFluff · 25/07/2023 17:38

That should be
tiny bang story
also monument is excellent

BumFluffBumFluff · 25/07/2023 17:39

Also the house of da Vinci series

NannyGythaOgg · 25/07/2023 19:30

Royal Match - A match 3 game with loads of levels, no ads, and plenty of ways to add bonuses
Wordle, Quordle and Octordle - All the same principal with 1 word, 4 words and (in Octordle) 3 different games each day, each with 8 words.

FTMbg · 25/07/2023 20:08


Shrinkingviolet6 · 25/07/2023 20:10


SouthCountryGirl · 25/07/2023 20:17


ThomasHardyPerennial · 25/07/2023 20:18

Blockudoku is really enjoyable. You have to be on the internet to play the challenges, but can play a regular game offline.

purplecorkheart · 25/07/2023 20:21

Thank you. Following this thread with interest. I used to play Professor Layton puzzles. Not sure if it available on ipad. It has a limited number of puzzles though

crochetcrazy1978 · 25/07/2023 21:00

I like Matchington mansion

Lifeisupanddown · 25/07/2023 21:03

Thanks everyone for getting this thread going. I will check out all of these.
I loved professor layton on the DS, that game had good puzzles.

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tinkertots · 25/07/2023 21:07


Rainbowshine · 25/07/2023 21:08


Skyblue22 · 25/07/2023 21:11

Clickword, its a daily word puzzle online. Takes about 10 mins but I do it every morning, it gets addictive

BumFluffBumFluff · 25/07/2023 21:26

Lume is good too

PanikFlip · 01/08/2023 09:21

In my spare time for the last 6 years I have developed an puzzle-ish app. Originally for my 6yo for fun, it snowballed from there and it is now a fully fledged game. There are six very different gameplays to keep your brain entertained. The mechanics are easy but it takes some time to master. Perfect for 2-15min sessions, depending how hooked you are. My now 12 years old daughter helps designing levels :)

I hope to publish it one day, for now I have a Testflight for IOS if anyone want to try it.

youngestisapsycho · 01/08/2023 09:25

I like the other games on the NY time wordle site. They pass some time.

Sidge · 01/08/2023 09:49

I like Wordle, Clickword, Wordscapes, Stop, and escape type/mystery puzzle games. AE mysteries have some good ones.

TonTonMacoute · 01/08/2023 10:52

BumFluffBumFluff · 25/07/2023 17:39

Also the house of da Vinci series

Love these. Just discovered there's a new one!

Also The Room series.

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