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Thames Water potential collapse??

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SomersetDreams · 28/06/2023 14:12

CEO resigns row over her 1.6 mil bonus being taken away
sewage ruining the environment
billions in profit and on it goes
40% rise in bills

Anyone worried or have thoughts on this? Al the water companies need an overhaul and to stop polluting waterways and coasts

A worker from Thames Water delivering a temporary water supply from a tanker to the village of Northend in Oxfordshire on 10 August 2022

Government 'prepared for range of scenarios' amid Thames Water collapse fears

Reports suggest the company is in talks over its future, with one option being temporary re-nationalisation.

OP posts:
hettiethehare · 28/06/2023 20:28

Given Thames Water have been digging and redigging up every square inch of my bit of SE London over the last 5 years and STILL haven't sorted out all the major leaks, I don't hold out much hope.

The people who will end up paying will be the customers as usual in a monopoly business with no choice of provider.

SunnyEgg · 28/06/2023 20:30

So they’re talking about nationalisation is that right

WestwardHo1 · 28/06/2023 20:30

It's on the news today that all of our water bills are going to considerably increase in order to pay for their fucks ups. I don't understand how this can possibly be legal.

As a single person household in the south west, I already pay as much as my sister does for her family of five in London. Absolutely scandalous.

KateyCuckoo · 28/06/2023 20:41

We have major issues in our village with sewage being leaked all over the farmland where cattle graze. They give zero shits!

PerkingFaintly · 28/06/2023 20:48

Privatise profit, socialise debt.

That's where all this "let the market decide" malarkey gets you when it's about essential public services rather than selling deeley boppers.

GCAcademic · 28/06/2023 20:49

They’ve prioritised dividends above everything else. The fact that this country allows this to happen to a resource that everyone recognises as a basic human need and right shows how fucked up we have become. Also, my husband went to see our Tory MP just a few weeks ago about the river pollution issue. She’s in the cabinet and formerly worked in DEFRA and claimed to not have a clue about the water companies polluting rivers with sewage. Talk about asleep on the job.

Oblomov23 · 28/06/2023 20:49

It's all hyped today because of her resignation that was known about a few days ago. It'll sort itself out I'm sure.

Spendonsend · 28/06/2023 21:01

Its been badly managed for some time with no investment. I live near a village that is always running out of water and big tankers turn up to add water to the system. But its a known fault with a pumping station.

I assume it means the government bail it out?

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