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Insect bite zapper

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Thingsthatgo · 27/06/2023 20:01

Has anyone used one to stop mosquito bites from itching? I am apparently delicious and attract every gnat in the area to feast on my blood. I am also mildly allergic I think, because the bites swell quite a lot.
We are going camping soon, near water, and I need something that works.

OP posts:
caramac04 · 27/06/2023 20:07

I’ve found it effective on horsefly bites but it does need several clicks a few times a day. I get a much worse reaction if I don’t use it.
Insect repellent is good but it’s a lot of faff and chemicals tbh.

NannyGythaOgg · 27/06/2023 20:17

I found the click it thing gives temporary relief and repeated use works.

My sister has one that works on heat - but it is purely heat so I can't see why it's not worth at least worth trying heating a teaspoon in a freshly made hot drink and applying it as hot as you are able to stand - definitely worth a try

Dilbertian · 27/06/2023 20:32

It stops you scratching for a while, but does not stop the reaction.

If you know you react badly, the best thing you can do is (a) take a long-acting anti-histamine twice a day every day, starting the morning you leave for your trip, and (b) cover every millimetre of skin with either clothing or DEET.

Heat applied to the bite is supposed to break down the proteins in the bugs saliva that you are reacting to. As a fellow reacter, I'm tempted to buy one of these, as it's pretty difficult to heat a teaspoon when you're out and about.

ZombiePara · 27/06/2023 22:37

Order up some brewers yeast!

I too am a yummy chomp for the winged wankers, but taking brewers yeast every evening seems to make a difference! (Makes us taste grim apparently.. didn't believe it but gave it a go last year and it worked!

ZombiePara · 27/06/2023 22:37

Can't comment on the zapper unfortunately though, sorry!

EvenmoreDetermined · 27/06/2023 22:38

Gives very short lived relief but that’s all.

TheProcrastinati · 27/06/2023 22:43

OP. Forget medicine or zappers. I have terrible reactions to bite but heat treatment via this device breaks down the itch-causing proteins and stops further itching though you may have to apply a few times.

it is quite burny and you may find it painful but it’s 10s of discomfort to provide you with permanent relief

Beurer BR60 Insect Bite Healer, Insect Bite Pen For The Treatment Of Insect Bites And Stings, Provides Natural Relief From Itching And Swelling Without Medication, Certified Medical Device

LadyEggs · 27/06/2023 22:45

I bought this after a Mumsnet tip off. It was expensive but I love it. It replaces the hot teaspoon approach. It is easy to use, convenient, and it works. It helps if you are a little masochistic as it gets very hot!

LadyEggs · 27/06/2023 22:46

Haha jinx!

TheProcrastinati · 27/06/2023 22:49


chargrill · 27/06/2023 22:55

Please be careful if you use the hot teaspoon technique, I managed to give myself a nasty blister doing this 🙄

GettingStuffed · 27/06/2023 23:10

I've been happy with the zapper, after a couple of uses you can see the poison on top of the lump

daylilies · 27/06/2023 23:15

I have used this version for years and particularly last week. As soon as I realise I’ve been bitten I use it a few times, then regularly say two times a day = no itch. stingy for 6 or so seconds but worth it

BunnyBettChetwynnd · 27/06/2023 23:22

You can buy some brilliant cream called Afterbite. The quicker you get it on a bite the better it works. I've never found anything better.

Groutyonehereagain · 28/06/2023 00:36

Mild hydrocortisone cream is good, together with an antihistamine tablet.

Thingsthatgo · 28/06/2023 21:07

So many options! Thank you everyone. I'm going to buy them ALL! I'll try a different one on each bite and I'll be a walking science experiment!

OP posts:
TheProcrastinati · 28/06/2023 21:47

Honestly, if you react to bites as I do then this ammonia stuff gives you a couple of minutes of respite but then the intense itching and swelling is back.

heating the bite breaks down the itch-causing proteins so - for me - it stops the swelling and the itching.

but if you just get a bit of minor irritation from a bite then the ammonia thing is probably fine.

DinosApple · 28/06/2023 21:56

I have the clicker thing and it works well to stop the itch. Because it's a clicker it's good for camping as no batteries, and there are no 'store below 25 degrees' instructions that you get with creams.
(Gets up to well over 40 on a sunny day in a shut up tent).

I've had some nasty bites this year for some reason, horrible little bitey bastards.

Storynanny1 · 28/06/2023 22:11

I’ve accidentally found that anusol cream ( for piles) stops the itch really well

Dilbertian · 28/06/2023 22:14

The ammonia pens may work for normal reactions, but I suspect it may be different for actual allergic reactions. IME they do nothing at best, and generally make my reaction worse.

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