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Has anyone had symptoms changing from Cerazette to generic desogestrel?

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HangingOver · 27/06/2023 19:10

I realise this is the longest of shots but about three weeks ago I pretty much completely lost my mind.

I've had anxiety/derealization episodes before but nothing like as bad as this and they were always caused by high stress situations.

This time literally nothing happened to trigger it. Tune wise the only thing in my life that changed was changing from Cerazette to a generic desogestrel.

I know I'm reaching for a physical cause when there probably isn't one but it seems so odd that three weeks ago I was completely fine and I'm utterly broken by metal illness symptoms 😞

OP posts:
Luxell934 · 27/06/2023 19:13

Not the same as you but my doctor tried to fob me off with a generic deogestrel after being on cerazette for 6 months. I didn't get on with it (bleeding) and went back to cerazette.

kittykarate · 27/06/2023 19:21

I went a bit (more!) odd when they swapped me off cerazette and onto cerelle. Physically I got a lot of small cold sore like blisters on my lips and some irregular bleeding, but mood wise it was very odd. I could be provoked so easily, and I basically would just explode with righteous fury.

Got the doctor to swap me back, he wasn't convinced that it was caused by the change in pill but he didn't seem to want me to demo the righteous fury again.

prawnring · 27/06/2023 19:24

I've been on cerazette for 15 years aside from two (planned) pregnancies, and I that time have switched between cerazette and cerelle. No physical or mental differences between the two for me although I do feel "happier" for some reason when I move back to cerazette. Probably psychosomatic.

lordloveadog · 27/06/2023 19:25

Yes, I had breakthrough bleeding on the generic. I know there shouldn't be a difference, but there is.

HangingOver · 27/06/2023 19:28

Thank you everyone. I've just ordered six months of Cerazette online. If even a couple of people have experienced some kind of change that's enough for me to think it could be worth a try. I'll try literally anything at this point!

OP posts:
Plump82 · 27/06/2023 19:30

Interesting. I've been in generic desogestral for years. Always been the same packaging but for this prescription the packaging is completely different. I had break through bleeding 2 weeks into taking the new packaging. Not had break through bleeding in years.

BeautyGoesToBenidorm · 27/06/2023 19:33

I've never had the generic, but Cerelle was absolute hell. My moods were horrific. I'd been on Cerazette previously with no negative effects too!

Tryingtogetitright · 27/06/2023 19:35

Never had cerazette but I was so anxious and felt suicidal on desogestrel, and didn't stop bleeding - never felt like that before. Dr said it wasn't the fault of the pill and prescribed sertraline - I didn't want to take that so just came off the pill in desperation - the symptoms ended soon after. Hope you find the switch back to cerazette resolves things for you.

HangingOver · 27/06/2023 19:46

I can't believe this...I was expecting a dozen replies saying don't be silly they're identical but it looks like some people do feel a change.

OP posts:
HesDeadBenYouCanStopNow · 27/06/2023 20:08

I didn't get on with the generic either, return of migraines and anxiousness

StackBlocks · 27/06/2023 20:45

I’ve been on cerazette for about 15 years. After having my baby the GP fobbed me off with generic desogestrel claiming it’s identical but it definitely isn’t because I’ve had bleeding every 2 weeks and I never bled at all on cerazette! I had put it down to being something to do with having a baby but now after reading these replies I think they are different somehow.

HangingOver · 27/06/2023 23:00

This is all helpful thank you. I'll be updating this thread in case anyone in a similar position is googling and finds it.

OP posts:
JazzyBBG · 27/06/2023 23:17

I had to purchase the generic when on holiday and had forgotten my pill. Didn't notice any difference.

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