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how to re-harden mints

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CanadianJohn · 27/06/2023 17:32

I bought a large bag of mints from a bulk-food store. They were fine at first, but have now become too soft, despite being kept in a plastic bag.

Does anyone know how to re-harden mints?

OP posts:
FedRox · 27/06/2023 17:32


CanadianJohn · 28/06/2023 18:10

overnight in the fridge makes the mints harder, but nowhere near hard. I'll continue my research.

OP posts:
Bigpinkslippers · 28/06/2023 18:20

Dehydration or pop in the oven to dry them out? I've no idea really but according to Google moisture in the atmosphere makes hard candy go soft.

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