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School trip abroad

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Bagpuss2022 · 27/06/2023 15:39

My daughter found out today she’s been selected to go on the school trip to France in December 23.
We had to register interest by the end of May half term and the ones selected (good behaviour points and attendance) would be told. We knew the cost of the trip when we registered interest £520 this post is not about the cost.
She got the forms today in tutor they have to be filled in and a non refundable deposit of £120 in by this Friday the second instalment by end of July of £200 and the third by the end of September also £200.
Does anyone else think that it’s ridiculously short notice about payment I understand things need to be booked if they knew they were planning this trip they should of decided back in October who’s going and then let people spread the cost
it’s really going to make things hard for some pupils to rustle that kind of cash.
Luckily we can afford it but I know DDs best friends parents will definitely struggle.
When my DS1 went to New York in 2014 with school we had over 12 months notice and that long to pay.

OP posts:
Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 15:41

Totally reasonable in my opinion

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 15:43

Obviously if registering invoice only three weeks away for a December trip…. The school decided to do the trip rather last minute, hence the imminent date and payment requests.

all reasonable to me

now be excited your daughter is going!

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 15:44

Although school sounds a bit shit if they selected on basis of good attendance! 😂

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 15:47

Is the trip to NY? For £520??

LookItsMeAgain · 27/06/2023 15:53

That's about average. It's not asking for the full amount in one go (though if you have it all to hand over, I'd do it in one go so that you know it's paid for).

ASGIRC · 27/06/2023 15:55

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 15:47

Is the trip to NY? For £520??

No, the trip is to France. NY was a different trip.
Its all in the OP...

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 16:09

Yes but in her other thread that I was in - she definitely giver the impression it’s NY! Literally every poster assumes that and whenever clarifies 🤷‍♀️

mindutopia · 27/06/2023 16:19

I think it's going to be quite tricky for a lot of families because Friday is literally the end of the month and while presumably most people get paid the last day of the month, this may not be the case for everyone (who also may have big payments due to come out the 1st or shortly thereafter). I think it's also a big ask over the summer when expenses increase for a lot of people due to school holidays.

I do think it would have been sensible to let parents know the payment schedule when they registered interest, but that said, I would assume there is going to be flexibility. And perhaps the reason they were not explicit about the payment schedule is to not put people off, when in fact, there is flexibility and maybe a bit of support available for children from lower income families. I know, I for one, was a whole month late paying for dd's residential this year - for no reason other than I don't normally go into that section of the app so didn't even see it was due. No one asked for it or cared that it was late when I did finally see it and send through the payment.

TheSnootiestFox · 27/06/2023 16:25

But you knew when you registered an interest that there would at least be a deposit payable, no? So it would make sense to have a couple of hundred quid put aside to cover that? DS1 went skiing and it was a £300 deposit, DS2 wants to go so I've quietly put £350 away so when we get the letter I can just put his name down and not worry. It really isn't rocket science!

Dragonsandcats · 27/06/2023 16:30

If it was going to be selected last October they couldn’t base it on that year’s attendance or behaviour.

Lesssugarketchup · 27/06/2023 16:31

Usually holidays have to be completely paid for 8 weeks before departure

So… as I say, all seems quite reasonable

ohtowinthelottery · 27/06/2023 16:54

Totally reasonable to ask for a deposit immediately - the school will need to pay a deposit when they book.

Just wait until your DD gets to Uni. A level results day, uni place accepted same day, accommodation needed to be accepted and a £300 deposit paid within 48 hrs!
When this happened with DS my response was also "how the heck do less affluent families navigate that?" I slipped it on credit card!

Dinoswearunderpants · 27/06/2023 16:56

Completely reasonable.

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