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Anyone experience of ppmd

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Potentialnewdiagnosis · 27/06/2023 15:20

Hi all I've been going to the doctor with ongoing issues and he has suggested I may have ppmd I'm being referred to a specialist . I've just read up on it and alot of the symptoms are word for word what I experience however I don't think I suffered from pms prior to last year but did always suffer from migraines and low mood/depression. I haven't tracked my moods to my cycle so I have started a diary.

The one doubt that makes me think I don't have it is I can function during the 2 weeks before my period....I can still go to work I struggle but I manage to but I do find my work capacity drops to 60% and I try to avoid interaction, does this mean I don't have it? Although on the last 6 months I find I'm not good at handling conflict have had 2 outbursts and I've cried 3 times which is unlike me and I'm so anxious leaving work even if nothing has happened.

Can it be ppmd if I'm still able to work?

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Potentialnewdiagnosis · 27/06/2023 15:21

Sorry that should be pmdd!!!

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