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Daughter being bullied- what can I expect

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SpankmyassandcallmeCharlie · 27/06/2023 13:45

Hi, my daughter is five and just coming to the end of her reception year at school. Throughout the year (starting last October) she has been repeatedly hit, bitten and pushed by a certain child in her class. There has also been name calling, being excluded and other mean psychological bullying.

In February it got so bad my daughter would say that she is sick and can’t go to school the next day. She even said on some Saturdays they she was sick and can’t go to school Monday. She was obviously very upset and anxious about school. We discussed this with her class teacher in February and were told that they were aware and were keeping them separate in class to try to prevent it.

it has not stopped. Since 24 May she has been hit in the stomach 4 times by this child and has had her uniform scribbled on.

we emailed the school yesterday with a list of all the incidents since December 2022 when I started to keep a record of what was happening, and photos when she came home with scratches/ marks on her face. We have asked for a meeting with her class teacher and the head teacher to understand what they are going to do to keep her safe as their current arrangements are not working (most attacks happen in the playground). We are concerned that our daughter is starting to retreat into herself and isn’t telling us about all the incidents. A few these last few weeks we have found out from her friends parents.

we have not yet heard back from the school. Realistically what can they do to keep her safe? Is it reasonable to expect this other child to be kept in at lunchtime if they keep hurting my daughter? I know that school have met with this child’s parents about some of the incidents with my daughter but that doesn’t seem to have had an affect.

what can the school do to stop this? What if anything should we insist on?

OP posts:
Drummend01 · 27/06/2023 14:27

This has been going on a long time and the school really doesn’t seem that bothered. Have you considered changing schools?

SpankmyassandcallmeCharlie · 27/06/2023 15:16

I think the schools attitude has been it’s a phase the other child will grow out of. That is why I emailed them with a list of the incidents we are aware of, pointing out that it is prolonged and systemic and doesn’t look like it’s going to stop. It’s quite a stark picture when it’s set out in writing. we have asked for a meeting to understand what they are going to do to keep her safe going forward. I would like to know what they can realistically do and what as a matter of good practice they should be doing as I don’t want to be fobbed off by them.

this is the only school in the village and has wrap around care that works for us (my husband and I both work full time in demanding jobs and long commutes). I don’t want to move schools, and that would be a last resort if this isn’t resolved but I’d like to try and address it first.

OP posts:
KleineDracheKokosnuss · 27/06/2023 15:29

if they can’t be bothered to respond quickly, they aren’t going to do anything. Find a new school before your child is a shell of her former self.

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