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Irrational worry re. Breast cancer

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Tempone · 27/06/2023 01:00

For some bizarre reason, I cant shake the feeling that my left breast has cancer.
I have no visible lumps or bumps. I feel a heavyness in the breast and sometimes achiness. Sometimes i think it feels hot, but i could be creating that in my head at this stage. I'd feel so silly going to a gp. I have no symptoms, it's unlikely they would refer me further, I'm way too young for screening. How do I get past it?
I don't suffer from health anxiety, it's just this o e thing niggling at me for months.

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Tempone · 27/06/2023 10:09

Bump shameless bump

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Rainallnight · 27/06/2023 10:10

Go to the GP - put your mind at rest.

Tempone · 27/06/2023 10:14

I don't think they would send me further though as my "symptoms" are nothing.

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OhGingleBells · 27/06/2023 10:21

Sorry - gave no context for the link! This lady had a ‘feeling’ about breast cancer long before she found a lump. Not sure how you can get a doctor to listen but don’t ignore what you are thinking. Best wishes.

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