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Do you know a woman like this?

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JerseyRoyalMe · 26/06/2023 22:58

Confident, well groomed, stylish, treats herself, never in a hurry, attractive to men, professionally successful, happily married, just generally has got it all under control and evidently loves herself in a good way, prioritising own needs without guilt or showing off. She is effortless and just mesmerising.

One day I will grow up to be like her.

OP posts:
SparklingLime · 26/06/2023 23:02

Sounds nauseating.

Anoushkaka · 26/06/2023 23:02


InTheGardenShed · 26/06/2023 23:03


WarmButteryCrumpets · 26/06/2023 23:04

I'm not sure anyone, male or female, is both "professionally successful" AND "never in a hurry"

Unless they're an artist or a pig farmer or something

Malarandras · 26/06/2023 23:04

Is this woman Barbie?

overthehillswegoo · 26/06/2023 23:05


WonderfulUsername · 26/06/2023 23:06

I'm not sure they're 'mesmerising' but yes, I work with two women who would fall into this category.

One of them's really funny too.

Good for them I say but you just do you. There's no point in wishing you were someone you're not. It's a waste of energy.

nameschangg · 26/06/2023 23:08

Nope, no one that ticks all those boxes. Sounds like a book character tbh.

stbrandonsboat · 26/06/2023 23:08

Sounds like one of my cats. Apart from she's not married.

nameschangg · 26/06/2023 23:08

I don't think i've ever been mesmerised by anyone

Kleptronic · 26/06/2023 23:09

'Well groomed' and 'effortless' - that circle doesn't square.

Plunkplink · 26/06/2023 23:13

It’s either me or the cat, and actually I think she wins, she never misses a chance to groom herself and is confident in her place as head of the household and her career as a pest controller has really taken off recently. I think she may be divorced though as she spent a while in looking after a couple of kittens before she moved in to supervise us.

BananaSpanner · 26/06/2023 23:13

I know someone like this. Add to it marathon runner and amazing home and social life. She’s a nice person though to be fair and has suffered tragedy in her past and one of her children is in poor health so she deserves good things.

BarryK3nt · 26/06/2023 23:15

Sounds like me tbf

WonkyPicture · 26/06/2023 23:18

Everyone is know like this is unmarried.

WalkingAcrossAFord · 26/06/2023 23:24

Only in novels @JerseyRoyalMe

determinedtomakethiswork · 26/06/2023 23:37

Everyone I know like this is completely self-absorbed. And the reason they are never in a hurry is because they do fuck all.

WandaWonder · 26/06/2023 23:39

Is there people actually like this or do people just look at people and assume this?

cassiatwenty · 26/06/2023 23:40

Gemma Collins! Grin

continentallentil · 26/06/2023 23:42

I think you may be setting yourself up for a fall there, although you could try cultivating it as a professional facade

LuckyPeonies · 26/06/2023 23:46

Yes, in novels. But not in real life, though some put up a convincing facade which eventually crumbles.

cassiatwenty · 26/06/2023 23:47

Soon to marry an Israeli doctor

Do you know a woman like this?
RicherThanYews · 26/06/2023 23:49

I know someone who is the polar opposite of that woman. It's me.

blueshoes · 26/06/2023 23:50

Holly Willoughby?

riotlady · 26/06/2023 23:55

I don’t think I know anyone I’d describe as “mesmerising”

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