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True 50/50 custody - is this fair or not?

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Salyonami · 26/06/2023 22:11

True 50/50 custody situation. Time split down the middle, admin/school/appointments etc shared equally between both parties.

No maintenance paid as per the above. All costs split 50/50 between both parties. Ie school trips, new clothes, shoes, electronics, hobbies.

If party 1 is significantly wealthier than party 2 would you still expect the split to be equal given the above. For Context party 2 is not “broke” but a normal income, single parent. Party 1 two adults; two high incomes and the wealthier side.

OP posts:
Tannedandfake · 26/06/2023 22:16

Does the child involved want 50/50?

RenegadeKeeblerElf · 26/06/2023 22:16

Tricky, but I would say 50/50 split on costs but based on the budget of the less wealthy parent. So if they can't afford a school trip/designer clothes/new phone etc then the child can't have it. The wealthier parent could choose to treat the child but couldn't expect the less wealthy parent to contribute more than they can afford. This only works if both parties trust each other to play fair though - the wealthier parent could end up resenting the less wealthy if they think they are claiming they can't afford things in order to manipulate the wealthier one to pay. Maybe an agreed monthly budget for these things?

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