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Weird Pains

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Carrie76 · 26/06/2023 15:59

I’ve been having weird pains in my upper back for the last week. It’s mostly along my bra strap lines and feels like sunburn but definitely isn’t as my back hasn’t been exposed to any sun.
Today i feel it a bit in my chest too, like achy breasts. I’m a week past my period so not PMT. Any ideas what could be causing it? Am wondering should I do something about it or wait and see it if passes.

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TheDutchHouse · 26/06/2023 16:18

I had this exact thing on n same area.. then on 10th day got a rash . I had shingles 😳

Carrie76 · 26/06/2023 19:59

Oh no hope I’m not getting shingles

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