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Would you base yourself in Tampa or Orlando for a 10 day trip?

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WeddingHelpNeeded · 26/06/2023 11:30

I'm thinking of going to visit a friend in Florida next year. I couldn't make her upcoming wedding unfortunately but I'd like to visit her in the future.

She lives on the Space Coast. I don't want to take all of her time up so I want to do some other things too. It's just going to be me and a mutual friend so no kids.

Would you base yourself in Orlando or Tampa? I quite like theme parks but I'm not especially fussed about visiting them.


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WeddingHelpNeeded · 26/06/2023 11:32

Sorry. This should have been in holidays.

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Quartz2208 · 26/06/2023 11:33

Tampa is the other side of Florida and 2.5 hours away if you were to have a base that isn’t Orlando why not make it the Space Coast limit Cocoa Beach

RaisinforBeing · 26/06/2023 11:34

I’d go to Cocoa Beach. FL traffic can be pretty bad.

WeddingHelpNeeded · 26/06/2023 11:36

I know Tampa is further away but I have a friend in St Pete so I could visit her too.

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Quartz2208 · 26/06/2023 11:37

i would split stay cocoa beach then and st Petes. No point in doing Orlando

WeddingHelpNeeded · 26/06/2023 11:38

Is there nothing worth doing in Orlando besides the theme parks?

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WeddingHelpNeeded · 26/06/2023 19:05

Thanks all. It looks like Cocoa Beach might be a good spot to stay. My friend, who is in Melbourne, has warned me about how awful the traffic is.

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Bravebunny · 26/06/2023 19:36

You’ve got Disney and Universal, plus lots of smaller parks - Gatorland etc. Disney is expensive for a 1 day ticket, Universal slightly cheaper. Loads of activities dotted throughout - titanic museum, Ripleys, snorkelling with manatees, Wild Florida, airboat tours, nighttime gator tours. What sort of things do you want to do while you’re there, as that will determine the best place to stay?

as a side note, myself and a friend visit Orlando once a year (just us, no kids), and find plenty to do both inside and outside the theme parks!

wizardofozfan · 27/06/2023 02:45

If you are going to be in Cocoa Beach, consider visiting new attractions in the Immersive Wizard of Oz Experience Museum.

Would you base yourself in Tampa or Orlando for a 10 day trip?
Would you base yourself in Tampa or Orlando for a 10 day trip?
Would you base yourself in Tampa or Orlando for a 10 day trip?
frenella · 27/06/2023 03:43

Orlando is considerably less expensive than staying on the coast. I love using it as a base for daytona/cocoa/satellite and Tampa/St Pete's.

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