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Sunglasses that actually keep the sun out of your eyes

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Workyticket · 26/06/2023 08:02

Do I need to spend a bomb to achieve this?

I'm currently wearing a £15 pair of Levi's sunnies from tkmaxx - they're shady but I still squint in bright sun

I tried dh's on holiday last year and they were so much better - but he threw £150 at a pair of Oakleys

I'm a bit rubbish about losing stuff which is why I've not shelled out.

OP posts:
arapunzel · 26/06/2023 09:19

You don’t need to spend a bomb to get good sunglasses.
Two things to look out for - good, close fitting frame. Doesn’t need to be oversized, slightly wrapped can help.
Lens wise I would recommend polarised as they take away glare.

Icedlatteplease · 26/06/2023 09:34

I have wrapped close fitting UV400 cat 3 polarised sunglasses (tx maxx) and the sunlight is still causing bastard migraines.

I'm having to wear a hat as well. I hate hats.

They aren't a patch on my deceased oakleys that I still morn 6 years later. If I do invest in a new pair I would like a pair that look vaguely normal and not snowboarding style. So far I haven't had the courage

@arapunzel if you have found cheaper sunglasses that actually work we need specifics.

StamppotAndGravy · 26/06/2023 09:48

You need to check the category. A lot of fashion sunglasses are 2, which are only really good in the shade or to hoge a hangover. For outdoors in bright sun you really need cat 3 which are a bit darker. Everywhere sells them, including Boots and TKMax, but you need to read the label or check on the arm which category they are.

Workyticket · 26/06/2023 21:40

How did I not k ow they came in categories? I'm 45!

OP posts:
Loafbeginsat60 · 26/06/2023 21:42

I have nice Ralph Lauren ones which are good.

£99 I think and I don't find myself squinting

I'll see if I can link them

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