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Chances of pregnancy? Condom slipped off...

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SlippedCondom · 25/06/2023 20:46

Had sex last night and when pulling out, DH said 'aw shit, the condoms slipping off' and held it by the base to try and 'contain' the semen. We've used condoms for years and no issues.

When I looked round, there was semen on base of his penis but condom was still on at the tip and had 'caught' semen in the tip. It seemed contained, he said it slipped off when pulling out and the bare base of penis with semen on it was already out at the time. So no semen leakage occurred inside vagina (we think). We inspected condom afterwards and no holes or anything.

ANYWAY am I right in thinking it would be very unlikely to be pregnant from this? Period isn't for 2 weeks, so it's quite a wait and I am ovulating. It still seems very unlikely though?

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Motnight · 25/06/2023 20:51

If you really don't want a baby I think that you need to take the morning after pill.

SlippedCondom · 25/06/2023 20:55

@Motnight I live in a village and the pharmacy was closed today, or else I definitely would have taken it this morning :(

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elliebelliex · 25/06/2023 20:58

You can have the morning after pill up to 5 days after having sex - my partner is a pharmacist

SlippedCondom · 25/06/2023 20:59

OK great @elliebelliex, I will get it tomorrow just to be safe, thanks.

It really knocks me out! Had it 4 times before and feel awful. All condom breaks over a decade or so. Was hoping to avoid it this time! Oh well, better to be safe than sorry.

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