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Call me maybe - IYKYK

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fuckmyuteruslining · 25/06/2023 20:06

This is one for old time mumsnetters

Playing on the radio from the set at Glastonbury and of course it reminded me of Aillidh. I think it's 11 years next month? Thinking of expat and family.


OP posts:
RoseAndRose · 25/06/2023 20:09

I don't get the Call Me Maybe reference, but yes I remember Ailidh


fuckmyuteruslining · 25/06/2023 20:11

She loved the song.

OP posts:
RoseAndRose · 25/06/2023 20:20

fuckmyuteruslining · 25/06/2023 20:11

She loved the song.

I thought it must be that.
I was still fairly new to MN back then (and under a different username), so only really saw the later part Sad

Iusedtobedontcall · 25/06/2023 20:21

I remember Aillidh and often think of her and her family.

Zhx3 · 25/06/2023 20:30

I think of Ailidh when I hear this too 💔. I registered for Anthony Nolan for her.

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