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Haven swimming slots

2 replies

stridesy · 25/06/2023 19:11

Hi what time do haven release their swimming slots? Does anyone know? Don’t know if I need to stay up until 12 as tomorrow is our booking day and I don’t want to miss out as the lazy river was why we booked at that park. Thanks

OP posts:
Bravebunny · 25/06/2023 19:20

Previously it was 9am and 1pm, depending on the park - but a recent holiday article said they go live at midnight, so not sure if it’s changed, and there’s no info to confirm on their website - might be worth staying up tonight just in case!

PaperNests · 28/06/2023 10:05

@stridesy did you manage to book the lazy river? I was just wondering what the process is as we're going soon to a Haven with a lazy river and there doesn't seem to be a way to book it on the app only indoor swimming. Were they released right before you arrive?

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