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Help me find a football goal with a surround

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Custardonthehob · 25/06/2023 15:54

I thought this would be easy but there's not much out there I can see. Son has requested a football goal for the garden however I'm concerned about the ball going into neighbours garden. I'm looking for a goal with some sort of net around it. I've seen the open goal set up but not found much else. Has anyone got any experience of this? Thanks

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Jazzappledelish · 25/06/2023 15:59

How old is he and how decent at football?

how big is your garden?

Custardonthehob · 25/06/2023 16:01

He's 11 and just starting out. Garden isn't massive - about 6 by 4 metres at a guess. Thanks

OP posts:
Jazzappledelish · 25/06/2023 16:07

That’s small! A net plus enclosure will dominate and if he’s really starting out…. Might be better just to take him to the park to practise shooting and then home for dribbling and skills

Jazzappledelish · 25/06/2023 16:07

I speak as a veteran

Custardonthehob · 25/06/2023 16:15

I see what you're saying. Good point. Its just that he's asked for it and he doesn't ask for much. Wants it for when friends come over and he can do goal keeping. Garden isn't a thing of beauty so not too bothered if it makes him happy.

OP posts:
LlynTegid · 25/06/2023 16:58

Agree it will dominate the garden, a former neighbour had one and took it down after a while.

illiterato · 25/06/2023 17:00

Not sure if this would work but I put a massive rebound net inside the garage and then they shoot into the garage so it can’t go wide. Good for a tonne of sorts and as it’s a rebounder, good if they’re just playing by themselves. Also fold flat when not in use.

Custardonthehob · 25/06/2023 22:51

Thanks all. Some points I hadn't thought about. There doesn't seem to be something in the middle of no net or a gigantic one. Just something around for the stray shots. Neighbours are building a wooden structure near the fence which will make it higher so maybe that would act as a rebounder in certain sections.

We've just moved in so want to show consideration to our new neighbours.

OP posts:
Jazzappledelish · 26/06/2023 06:12

Fibbed just started, why not give it time to see whether he’s actually interested in football. 11 is quite late to come to football and his interest may wane.

Get him a decent proper football and some markers so he can practise dribbling and skills.
Take him to park to practise shooting

if he’s pestering you to go to park to practise shooting a few weeks in… then revisit buying a goal

Jazzappledelish · 26/06/2023 06:12

Not fibbed!

”if he’s just started”

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