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Things you would do and wouldn't do because of the risk involved

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cakeorwine · 25/06/2023 10:41

Following up on discussions elsewhere about the Titan sub - and risk evaluation, understanding the risks and the safety precautions in the activity to ensure that the risks were mitigated.

I've done scuba diving in deep ship wrecks - actually going into a wreck. Looking back, it was probably quite risky - it was deep and I am not sure that the nearest decompression chamber was that close. But I was young and it was one hell of an experience.

But I wouldn't do bunjee jumping. I would worry about my eyes and retina.

Someone on another thread mentioned going in a hot air balloon. I would do that but they wouldn't. I guess that if those go wrong, there is a chance of plunging to death.

So what would to do / not do that others might consider risky or others would consider absolutely fine.

OP posts:
SinnerBoy · 25/06/2023 12:12

Anyway, I wouldn't do a bungee jump, I was going to when I was 19, at a pub up the road. They screwed up the calculations and a man was seriously injured, right in front of us - he hit the ground head first and was in intensive care for months.

NeverDropYourMooncup · 25/06/2023 12:12

Caving, cave diving and potholing/spelunking - absolutely not - and not only did I always say that those are the only things I would refuse permission for with my kids, it's actually a dealbreaker for DP. Not that he'd ever do anything like that, but it is the one thing short of committing a violent crime that would mean I'd cut him off.

Diving wrecks - nah, they're where massive eels hide out and frighten divers; shelter means fish, and where there are fish, there are bigger things looking for something to eat. It's basically diving into a cave with significantly enhanced opportunities for something to catch on your equipment and trap or eat you.

I loved rock climbing. Absolutely adored it, especially repelling/abseiling - wouldn't go up Everest or the like because to me, the whole point is not to spend your time on something resembling a conveyor belt of overpaid tourists all sticking two fingers up at the Grim Reaper/the mountain. Loved motorbikes, loved being on boats and fishing. Not a fan of hot weather or insufficient equipment.

I like fresh, cool air, not thin, killing you slowly or non existent air.

cakeorwine · 25/06/2023 12:15

There are times when I have been walking in the hills when I wonder if I am over prepared for situations that are probably unlikely to arise - especially when I look at the size of my backpack compared to what the trail runners are carrying.

OP posts:
purplepingu · 25/06/2023 12:30

I went cave diving once in Mexico. Never ever again.

cakeorwine · 25/06/2023 12:33

purplepingu · 25/06/2023 12:30

I went cave diving once in Mexico. Never ever again.

Same for ice diving.

I know the precautions people take. I know that it's supposed to be amazing.

I've only entered a wreck once. We swam very carefully through one entrance, along a corridor and out the other end. Making sure we didn't disturb the sediment too much.

I like a nice clear surface.

OP posts:
Bobshhh · 25/06/2023 12:34

I’d never pothole or cave dive.

I’m generally quite risk averse but then I used to horse ride a lot, have hitch hiked in a Latin American country and have been on the worlds biggest or highest or longest zip line in the world (can’t remember which one it was) which was amazing!

I wouldn’t like to do something that is solely in control of someone else (bungee jumping) but I’d be tempted by sky diving as the person I’m attached to presumably has a slightly motivation to stay alive.

RosesAndHellebores · 25/06/2023 12:38

Nope. It just doesn't appeal. I much prefer 5* experiences and good food.

I just about coped with the Vampire Ride at Chessington.

Silkierabbit · 25/06/2023 12:42

I've been skiing, cable cars, helicopter ride, small plane ride, wakeboading, zipline through jungle, kayaking in ocean, whitewater rafting, jungle treks, horse ride, active volcanoes. Not able to do scuba diving as had cancer / chemo so think I wouldn't meet requirements, love snorkelling and do that though. Would do hot air balloon.

Wouldn't do bungee or jumping out of aircraft, never had any desire to do either. Also don't like things in tight spaces / crowded, variable on underground. Don't think I would do submarine. But love boats and if given the opportunity to go on a boat around the world might well take it.

WeAreTheHeroes · 25/06/2023 12:43

I was out with friends yesterday and we had this very conversation. We'd had mixed experiences of scuba diving too.

It's one thing to enjoy life and make the most of opportunities, but putting yourself in danger - especially if you have a partner and children - for the thrill of it is something I don't get. Seems very selfish.

Lampzade · 25/06/2023 12:50

Hungryfrogs23 · 25/06/2023 10:44

I think pre-children I would definitely take more risks than I would now as I feel a strange sort of duty to stay alive to take care of them 😄 so I would say now I'm pretty risk averse generally. Helps that I've never had any real desire to throw myself off things or out of planes etc.
I have been in a hot air balloon, been skiing, abseiled, been in a helicopter etc but now I have 2 young children I am much more likely to err on the side of caution.

Same here
Pre kids I did bungee jumping , skydiving, scuba diving , quad bike riding etc.
When I had my dc I just wasn’t as keen to do these things. Definitely more risk averse .
Dh is an adrenaline junkie

gwenneh · 25/06/2023 12:50

RandomUsernameHere · 25/06/2023 12:01

@gwenneh that's interesting, I haven't done any research into it yet but know lots of people who have completed it. No one mentioned the DNF rate this year!

The DNFs are normally around 10% (apart from the norovirus year...) and this year it was about 30%. Pretty much everyone cited the heat that just continued to climb, and climb, and climb, until it peaked (I think) on the long day. Obviously you don't go into something like this without preparing for heat and training extensively for it, but the actual temperatures were far greater than predicted, in part due to moving the race due to the holiday and just in part due to bad luck. Something that isn't talked about much is the lasting impact that kind of heat damage has on your body - and sometimes those effects are permanent.

I'm all for ultramarathons, and the idea of a self-sufficiency one is really appealing, but maybe just not that particular one.

bonfirebash · 25/06/2023 12:51

I swim in rivers/sea/reservoirs but only ones I know are safe, what's underneath etc and I actually never go out of my depth as it's freaks me out a bit! More of a paddle/bimble than a proper swim
And horse ride but I've done that for 34 years

The worst injuries I've had have been falling down stairs, getting out of bed, and a total unknown how I did it spinal injury

cakeorwine · 25/06/2023 13:18

I've watched some sailing videos recently.
Someone doing a lone sail across the Atlantic - which is a bit scary as it's just you and if something goes wrong, you are alone.

Also just started watching a YouTube channel of someone with no sailing experience buying a sailing boat and attempting to sail around the UK coast. The yacht he's bought is quite old - and the sea can be unforgiving - especially if you have no experience.

OP posts:
JuliaSnitch · 25/06/2023 14:17

I love scuba diving and had a great time in the ceynotes caves in Mexico. But to be fair pretty much all my hairy diving experiences have been in "overhead environments".

It's not just that you can't swim direct to the surface, but exaggerated wave action / lack of light / likelihood of collision or snagging increases risk exponentially.

cakeorwine · 25/06/2023 20:50

JuliaSnitch · 25/06/2023 14:17

I love scuba diving and had a great time in the ceynotes caves in Mexico. But to be fair pretty much all my hairy diving experiences have been in "overhead environments".

It's not just that you can't swim direct to the surface, but exaggerated wave action / lack of light / likelihood of collision or snagging increases risk exponentially.

I was watching Steve Backshall doing some cave diving in the Yucatan Peninsula. It looked amazing but there is no way you would get me doing that.

OP posts:
DeltaAlphaDelta79 · 25/06/2023 21:11

I point blank refuse to fly. Absolutely unashamedly shit scared of it. I assume that any plane I get onto it going to blow up, the wings fall, pilot and co-pilots all have simultaneous heart attacks, it'll fly into a mountain etc etc.

However, put me on a motorbike, either as rider or pillion with a safe rider, and I am happy as a pig in shit. The quicker the better, the more corners and safe overtaking the better!

Plus I love boats, cars, trains etc etc just won't touch a plane!

illiterato · 25/06/2023 21:29

I’ve done MdeS. We were another high DNF year- about 30%- it was either 2005 or 2006. Massive sandstorms. My friend and I were basically “ patsy and edwina do MdeS”. This was before there was so much advice on the internet so we were pretty unprepared. We binned half our food after day 1 as too heavy and then just scavenged off the DNFs. I think in a way our cluelessness helped us because we had zero expectations and just kept plodding on. We were also massive party animals so lived our entire lives dehydrated which meant we were acclimatised. 🤣I would do it again.

i ski a fair bit- I do wear a helmet and don’t do much off piste anymore. Do quite a lot of technical trail running and probably do come down a bit faster than I should still. I just don’t think about what would happen if I fell.

Have done the Bloukrains bridge bungee which was epic. Would do again as there’s no feeling quite like it.

would attempt Everest but think I’d be sensible and then back if advised.

I also play it fast and loose with eat by dates 🤣

No to pothling and caving as massively claustrophobic.can’t scuba dive as can’t equalise. Dh and the dc do but we always get an extra instructor for the dc.

TrainspottingWelsh · 25/06/2023 21:43

My only limits are anything claustrophobic. So nothing involving caves, no diving beyond a depth within my ability to swim to the surface without oxygen, no space or deep sea exploration etc.
Anything involving horses, speed or height and I’m in my element. As an adult I’m a bit more sensible about basic safety. But with adhd and riding from before I could walk I’ve always been aware I only really see the thrill, and practicality is a secondary consideration, fear doesn’t feature.
I rode a lot without a hat, often without tack and not just on quiet reliable horses or in enclosed spaces when I was younger. Now I only do that in occasional mad moments in the field at home when the impulse takes over, and only on a horse that if not quiet, I do trust. I know exactly why I shouldn’t ride without a hat but in the moment the thrill overtakes logic. There’s nothing quite like riding in open space without tack.

SinnerBoy · 26/06/2023 15:23

DeltaAlphaDelta79 · Yesterday 21:11

I fly frequently for work and I hate it, although I've taught myself to be calm, especially on take off. Before it gets appreciable height, my heart pounds and all I can think is that I might not die instantly!

I was out on my motorbike this morning and took a scenic route home. I haven't quite managed to get the pegs down on this one.

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