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Best cheese for cheese & bacon croissants?

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SlimPig · 25/06/2023 08:44

I'm thinking of getting up and walking to the bakers for croissants, bacon & cheese, any recommendations on the best cheese?

Also, what's for breakfast in your house?

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paulmccartneysbagel · 25/06/2023 09:06

I would go for Gruyère or Emmental.

Bacon, eggs and potato cakes here this morning!

SlimPig · 25/06/2023 09:21

I didn't go 😔 I'm supposed to be eating healthily and by the time I'd have got there, they'd probably be sold out, so greek yoghurt and nuts it is.

I just live in hope of recreating something I had from Delice de France once, but I don't think I ever will, I ate it drunk on the way home one night so I think that's why it was extra delicious 😂 (the delice de France was next to the platform my train went in and out of).

Your breakfast sound delicious.

OP posts:
paulmccartneysbagel · 25/06/2023 09:23

😂 i am supposed to be eating healthier too. Greek yogurt and nuts is a good breakfast. I've been having overnight oats every morning and am getting bored of it

Coffeaddict · 25/06/2023 09:24

Brie is delightful

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