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If you think that teaching assistants should be paid more....

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noblegiraffe · 24/06/2023 20:14

There's a debate scheduled in parliament in a response to a petition to increase the pay of teaching assistants.

They've put a call out for contributions to the debate, it's a really short survey, with a free text box where you can write a longer comment. All are welcome to contribute!

Microsoft Forms

OP posts:
Happyrascalsmummy · 01/07/2023 14:58

I've completed it. Hopefully, many more will spot it this weekend and add their views, I hadn't known anything about this before today.

StormShadow · 01/07/2023 15:19

Will do!

noblegiraffe · 13/07/2023 19:15

Just for info the debate is happening Monday 17th July.

OP posts:
Pufflingpants · 13/07/2023 20:36

Thank you @noblegiraffe . Forwarded on.

liveforsummer · 13/07/2023 21:02

I'm a TA, i'm also a single parent so get tax credit and a little bit off housing top up due to the low wage. Unfortunately the last couple of pay rises have seen me massively worse off as the increase is totally disproportionate to the amount they take off me so personally not clamouring for this one! Fine from being able to afford maybe one treat a month like a McDonald's to or even being able to pay my basic bills (plus I have a second job)

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