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Tell me what you'd make for Sunday lunch

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Phizzytails · 24/06/2023 19:14

So your in-laws are coming over for Sunday lunch/a roast. What do you make them? (Generally interested and also looking for inspiration...)

OP posts:
Coronationstation · 24/06/2023 19:15

Is it tomorrow? If so, I wouldn’t be cooking a roast in this heat!

Phizzytails · 24/06/2023 19:45

@Coronationstation No, next Sunday, but it will still be hot!
They're in their 70s and religiously have a roast or a proper cooked lunch every Sunday, they don't like to break with tradition.

OP posts:
fireflyloo · 24/06/2023 19:47

Roast chicken, honey roast, home made stuffing, roasties, mash, honey roast carrots and parsnips, broccoli and yorkshires. Gravy and pepper sauce.

Coronationstation · 24/06/2023 19:55

Could you do meat in a slow cooker to save having the oven on too long? Jersey royals are in season at the moment and I think you might just catch British asparagus season.

ComtesseDeSpair · 24/06/2023 19:57

This lamb:

The fat and juices from the lamb run through into the potatoes. (But I’m not a plain roast potato fan, I find them tasteless, even when people say “oh, you’ve not had MY roast potatoes.”)

To accompany I usually either do another roasting dish of mixed root vegetables, or a steam green medley of buttered peas, mange tout and broccoli.

Whataretheodds · 24/06/2023 19:58

Side of salmon, New potatoes, asparagus and a watercress salad?

Roast (or supermarket rotisserie) chicken with same or perhaps a tricolore salad.

Seared fillet of beef with air fryer potatoes, rocket and parmesan and vine tomato salad and blue cheese salad.

Mommasgotabrandnewbag · 24/06/2023 20:04

Phizzytails · 24/06/2023 19:45

@Coronationstation No, next Sunday, but it will still be hot!
They're in their 70s and religiously have a roast or a proper cooked lunch every Sunday, they don't like to break with tradition.

Oh well then they're better off staying home no?

They'd get a sandwich and a packet of crisps. Or make themselves a hot dinner at home.

Woahtherehoney · 24/06/2023 20:08

Slow cooked beef or gammon, roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese, honey roasted parsnips and carrots, homemade yorkies and gravy. Oh and some kind of green veg - peas or broccoli.

Skyeheather · 24/06/2023 20:10

Aldi Salmon Wellington with buttered new potatoes and green beans. Strawberries and cream for dessert.

2bazookas · 24/06/2023 20:11

Too warm for a roast. I'd cook fresh salmon steaks with dill, serve with jersey royal potatoes, asparagus, salad. Followed by pavlova; easy but looks good.

Silkierabbit · 24/06/2023 20:13

In the heat we'ld have Sunday lunch in the evening or an alternative like a BBQ with salads.

They might like an afternoon tea type thing for lunch though would check first - like sandwiches (egg and cress, smoked salmon etc, cheese and pickle) followed by scones and clotted cream and strawberry jam and maybe some strawberries. Could have in the garden with some sparkling wine.

Phizzytails · 24/06/2023 20:35

A nice side of salmon could be a good idea.

We don't have a garden so BBQ isn't possible.

OP posts:
mondaytosunday · 24/06/2023 20:43

Lamb is my favourite so I'd cook that.

AssertiveGertrude · 24/06/2023 20:45

I would cook beef slowly (perhaps in the slow cooker so the house doesn’t heat up)
new potatoes and fresh veg

rosielemonaddde · 24/06/2023 20:45

I'd still do a roast but prep everything tonight while it's cooler.

You could peel, chop and par boil the veg/potatoes and put them in roasting tins ready to bung in the oven.

Cook everything early tomorrow morning then reheat when it's dinner time.

Pallisers · 24/06/2023 20:49

slow roasted lamb, mint sauce, new potatoes, peas, asparagus and carrots (more or less what we had last night). meringue and strawberries afterwards.

greglet · 24/06/2023 20:52

Spatchcock chicken (on the barbecue but oven if no garden) with harissa rub; roasted baby potatoes, courgettes, red pepper and aubergine with plenty of seasoning; salad leaves with feta, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds etc.

Doggymummar · 24/06/2023 20:53

Poached salmon jersey royals and peas or salad

ODFOx · 24/06/2023 21:07

Prepare everything in advance so you only need the oven on for an hour:

Watermelon, cucumber and feta salad, or pears, feta and walnuts with honey.

Roast chicken with stuffing, dauphinoise potatoes, broccoli, green beans

Vanilla ice cream sundae with chopped brownies and strawberries (in season)

AlyssumandHelianthus · 24/06/2023 21:28

I'd buy a rotisserie chicken, make a new potato salad, green salad, french stick and one other salad (maybe tricolore or maybe a lentil salad). I'd make a tiramisu for pudding. It's too hot for a roast

cocksstrideintheevening · 24/06/2023 22:33

I'm doing jerk beer can chicken on the bbq for mil tomorrow with new potato kebabs and grilled asparagus.

mathanxiety · 24/06/2023 22:44

Tenderloins of pork, rub with oil, S&P, brown in an oven safe pan, remove to a plate, saute onion and chopped apples gently on the pan while the pork cools a bit, and when cool enough to touch, rub pork with mild mustard and sprinkle with thyme. Place pork back into the pan with the apples and onions, roast in hot oven for 20 mins. Serve with garlic mash or new potatoes/ butter/ fresh parsley.

EllaPaella · 24/06/2023 22:57

Spatchcock chicken with new potato salad or roasted new potatoes. I'd serve with green beans and tender stem broccoli and lots of lovely fresh peas.

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