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Teaching a 10 year old common sense

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AssertiveGertrude · 24/06/2023 16:49

I had a lovely ds but he’s (unenthusiastic) or the L word when it comes to work ethic eg putting away the groceries he says there’s no space because there is a packet of thin ham on one shelf or he can’t put things away due to no room

he doesn’t bother doing small jobs to help around the house and although good natured and full of love and hugs (doing very well at school) I worry about him and coping in later years - his school report says his day to day work doesn’t reflect his intellect. I am sure there is no reason except for a bit of lack of motivation but if anyone has any helpful strategies I would be most grateful

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Jazzappledelish · 24/06/2023 16:52

Good luck with that is all I’ll say!

massiveclamps · 24/06/2023 17:08

Carrot rather than stick might work better with him then. He needs praise and a reward when he does something you want him to do. If he doesn't do it, pay no attention at all.

Actual money works well with kids his age. Arm yourself with a stack of 10p's and put one in a jar every time as the reward. At the end of each week he counts it up and writes down how much he's 'saved'. Once a month, let him spend the lot on whatever he likes.

AssertiveGertrude · 24/06/2023 17:18

Thank you yes think something he can see like money would work

we had a big chat there and he cried and said he will try a bit harder (I have a brother who literally is useless but dad / husband has a strong work ethic and that’s what I want for my ds)

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