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What can you see from where you are?

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violetscarlet · 24/06/2023 08:05

Just sat having a coffee quietly. Patio doors open and I'm enjoying the view.
A mare and foal arrived in the meadow directly behind my house two weeks ago and it's so lovely watching them together and the foal grow so quickly. They are so happy and took to running around the meadow a few days ago- now a regular occurrence.
That's my view, what's yours?

OP posts:
Baffledismydefault · 24/06/2023 08:13

Over the rooftops I have a lovely view of some hills and if I get the binoculars out I can often see hillwalkers at the top. But then my neighbours think I'm spying on them...

Nongatron · 24/06/2023 08:14

I’m looking out on the Dublin hills and a wonderful sky like something out of a Turner painting 😊

Darnley · 24/06/2023 08:17

The Mediterranean and the besparmak mountains. Gorgeous.

Humphriescushion · 24/06/2023 08:20

Mediterranean for me as well, some little sailing boats, couple of pine trees, Laurier, apartments and a crane. Can’t see them but the cigales are making a racket!

Hmmthatsgoodchicken · 24/06/2023 08:24

I live in the lakes so from pretty much every window I can see a different fell (I can't name them all 😂) I wouldn't live anywhere else.

TheDogsMother · 24/06/2023 08:26

Fields of sheep, old rustic barns, a farm, lots of trees and the South Downs in the distance.

WaitingfortheTardis · 24/06/2023 08:28

The garden, the village, trees, hills, sheep, ducks.

neerg · 24/06/2023 08:38

Some evergreen trees and the rooftops of the houses in the next road.

Maggiesgirl · 24/06/2023 08:43

Top of houses below in the village then Salisbury Plain. Nothing else for miles.

lljkk · 24/06/2023 09:08

Poppies & my washing line!!

Here, it's the soundscape worth having. People comment on telecons about the birdsong in my area. Skylarks, sparrows, blackbirds, wood pigeons, buzzards, chaffinches, collared doves, wrens, wind in the trees, tits, pheasants, crows, robins, assorted others ... all day long. Something is twittering in the tree right now that I don't know, but has wheezy noises bit like a greenfinch? Owls at night.

Damn wood pigeons are building a nest in our plum tree. We have 3 hunter cats watching their every move. There's holly around base of the tree, but I don't think that's much deterrant. WPns are such good parents but boy are they dim.

Malarandras · 24/06/2023 09:08

My back garden.

Chemenger · 24/06/2023 09:09

A glimpse of the sea between two houses.

violetscarlet · 24/06/2023 09:11

Love all the positive images Daffodil

OP posts:
squashyhat · 24/06/2023 09:15

My toes poking out from under the sheet.

Ifailed · 24/06/2023 09:15

My back garden, and the back garden of houses behind that.

Tipintorecession · 24/06/2023 09:16

My huge Walnut tree

Whichwhatnow · 24/06/2023 09:17

The red light district in Amsterdam. A sex shop and a couple of girls in their underwear in windows beckoning drunk tourists in already.

Wish I'd researched hotel locations a bit better now... 😳

groupery · 24/06/2023 09:17


Bluevelvetsofa · 24/06/2023 09:19

The tomato plants which are growing apace and partially obscuring the kitchen window. Trees and my roses climbing up the pergola.

SpringOn · 24/06/2023 09:20

Trees on two sides, out of my bedroom windows. Opposite me, in the apple tree, a bright pink climbing rose has nearly reached the top, it looks beautiful in the sunshine.

IHeartGeneHunt · 24/06/2023 09:24

The next block of flats, two OAP bungalows, blue sky and my neighbour out with his dog.
If I turn my head in the other direction I can see through the kitchen window to the trees in the park.

7catsisnotenough · 24/06/2023 09:30

My tray of seasonings and oils for cooking, and the packet of sweet pea seeds I put there to remind me to plant them 🤣

dubyalass · 24/06/2023 09:31

The trees below my house, and glimpses of the houses beyond, and then sky. I don't have a long view here but it is very green.

Babdoc · 24/06/2023 09:36

The Sidlaw hills out the front, the Lomond hills out the back. And my garden, which is having its summer extravaganza, flaunting its roses, lavender, scabious, foxgloves, achillea, snapdragons, oregano, catmint and honeysuckle.

Silvergoldandglitter · 24/06/2023 09:38

I'm on my patio eating breakfast and can see my garden with my pool, trampoline and sheds and then at the bottom of my garden is a private wood area owned by Woodland Trust.

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