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Why do people get so aggy on here with duplicate threads?

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BigMacExtraPickles · 23/06/2023 23:26

Just that really? Why?

Not everyone scrolls through the topics, a lot of people just look at what's tending currently.

I see a lot of people berated on here for starting the "3rd such identical thread" on a certain topic.

I'm certainly no liberal but even I can see that people mean no harm. Why do people have to be so rank to one another?

Annoys me.

OP posts:
GreyCarpet · 24/06/2023 02:45

Because people come here for entertainment and they get irritated when they open a thread hoping to reading something new and they've read similar posted by someone else.

It's really as simple as that.

Same as when people post multiple threads themselves. It irritates people. People forget they can just close the thread if they don't want to read it or recognise the poster. They are just annoyed it's not something new for them to read.

They forget there is probably a highly distressed person behind it.

Or don't care. Because all they care about is their own entertainment 🤷🏻‍♀️

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