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Small (ish) Car Recommendations

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EpicGem · 23/06/2023 16:26

I scrapped my car at the end of last year (failed MOT and cost to get it through would have been more than car was worth at the time). When I scrapped it, while I had applied for jobs, I was out of work and wasn't expecting to get a job anytime soon. Since then, I've started a new job and, while I can get the bus, it's not something I want to be doing long term.
So, I'm looking for a car.
Only specifications are that it needs to be cheap to run and preferably small (ideally nothing bigger than say a Fiesta) as I don't really need anything bigger for me, my wheelchair and occasionally the dog. I could wait for my next PIP renewal and hope to get enhanced mobility, but there's no guarantee and I don't want to wait on something that might not happen.
So, what small(ish) cars to people have that they'd recommend? I'm not averse to a larger car so long as it's cheap to run.

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