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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition - independent?

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icanteven · 23/06/2023 13:38

My DS is doing his DofE but changing school at the end of this term. His old school plans to do the Bronze expedition in September, but his new school has already done it so he is stuck in between. (Old school won't allow him to join them in September - I've asked.)

There are a couple of places that do it during the holidays but we have to go to my husband's home country for the entire school holidays. Then we have to go to MY home country for half term. Naturally DS wants to get it done asap so that he can get cracking on Silver - he'll have all his bits and pieces done for Bronze by December.

So my question is this - we're very outdoorsy, and when we go to my husband's home country we always go wild camping for about a week. I cannot get any clear answers online, but could DS do his expedition with me or DH as his expedition supervisor and have his assessor at his new school sign it off? I understand all the things that have to be done for the practice and training, and if anything it would be more rigorous than the ones here in the Peak District etc.

Is this technically possible?

OP posts:
CatsOnTheChair · 23/06/2023 13:47

Who would the other group members be if you and DH were supervising/assessing?
He can't do it alone, AFAIK.
If you can find a DoE group abroad to do it, it could work. But he can't do it alone, andi don't think you can assess it as parents.

Oakbeam · 23/06/2023 13:57

If I remember correctly, there is nothing to stop him starting his silver before finishing his bronze. So, he could possibly do the bronze expedition at his new school next time they organise one.

mycoffeecup · 23/06/2023 13:58

Just ditch bronze and do silver

icanteven · 23/06/2023 14:52

Thank you both. I have been digging and it turns out that apart from anything else, it has to be a group activity.

So yes - can move straight on to Silver, or find an open expedition.

OP posts:
BlissedOutCat · 23/06/2023 14:55

Our local council always runs open expeditions - and in fact the school ended up using them because the teacher who usually ran the expeditions went on mat leave. Or go straight to silver. Some DC who did that were 'very moany and slow' according to DD, but if your DS is used to that sort of thing, it should be fine! Good luck. Our DC loved it.

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