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What’s a beautiful (but not depressing) song?

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Marie2023 · 23/06/2023 10:26

I am looking for a beautiful (but not depressing) song. It’s to use as a soundtrack for a presentation. I don’t really like music so thought I’d ask the ladies of Mumsnet.

Hope it’s OK to ask. Thanks.

OP posts:
Titsywoo · 23/06/2023 10:29

Depends on the presentation! Lots of beautiful songs are about love which might not suit a professional type of presentation?

mrswhiplington · 23/06/2023 10:30

Sunshine on Leith - The Proclaimers, not sure if it would fit with your presentation though.

Frogmila · 23/06/2023 10:31

What's the presentation about?

WeAreTheHeroes · 23/06/2023 10:34

Do you want something upbeat? Fun?

Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and the Wailers

MissGroves · 23/06/2023 10:35

Oceans by Hillsong United

GoodHotSoup · 23/06/2023 10:38

The adagio from Mozart's Serenade in B flat major.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g · 23/06/2023 10:47

Is this something that will be playing to the general public? Do you need to be concerned about performing rights/royalties/licence?

Marie2023 · 23/06/2023 10:51

No it’s an internal presentation. It’s about looking after our elders.

OP posts:
NeverendingCircus · 23/06/2023 10:59

A lyrical lovely song is Songbird by Eva Cassidy (very popular with that generation too) One of the lines is: 'I feel that when I'm with you, it's alright, I know it's right' which is fitting for caring for older people.

Another one right for that generation is 'A Little Help from my Friends' by The Beatles

BigFloppa · 23/06/2023 10:59

Here comes the sun by the Beatles

NeverendingCircus · 23/06/2023 11:00

Some other lovely ones about being supportive are "Lean on Me" by Bill Withers or my all time favourite upbeat song: "Lovely Day" (also Bill Withers)

jojomamanbebe · 23/06/2023 11:01

Enya - Only time.

Nagado · 23/06/2023 11:35

Waterloo Sunset -the Kinks

Sittin on the Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding

One Day Like This - Elbow

Hoppinggreen · 23/06/2023 11:35

Amazing by George Michael

Marie2023 · 23/06/2023 11:40

Some great suggestions here - thank you!

OP posts:
Kate3150 · 23/06/2023 11:55

One day like this- Elbow
First song that entered my head to your description x

Wisterical · 23/06/2023 11:59

Annie's Song by John Denver.

toelady · 23/06/2023 12:00

Let us know what you choose, OP.

Iamblossom · 23/06/2023 12:08

Kate3150 · 23/06/2023 11:55

One day like this- Elbow
First song that entered my head to your description x

Came onto thread to say the same

EllaRaines · 23/06/2023 12:21
toelady · 23/06/2023 12:21

Embrace - Gravity.

EllaRaines · 23/06/2023 12:22
charabang · 23/06/2023 12:24

Love is like a butterfly by Dolly Parton

EllaRaines · 23/06/2023 12:38

Celtic Woman are magnificent -

EllaRaines · 23/06/2023 23:13
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