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baby shower gift ideas for someone who already has everything.

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Killermanjaro · 23/06/2023 08:14

I'm attending my first ever baby shower. It's their 4th baby the last of which was only born 18 months ago she literally has all baby related things sorted.

Normally I gift money when the baby is born which is what I will still do so wanted a small gift to give to mum. Any ideas? Would a nice box of chocs be too meh?


OP posts:
samseaborn4ever · 23/06/2023 10:48

Why have a shower then? 🤷‍♀️

SellFridges · 23/06/2023 10:49

A donation to a local baby aid charity.

mindutopia · 23/06/2023 11:15

It's a bit weird to have a shower, isn't it? My American friends call these a 'baby sprinkle' as in you want a party but 2nd+ baby and you don't need people to buy you stuff.

Chocolates definitely are meh, feels more like something you'd bring someone who invited you for a dinner party. I tend to make my friends with new babies a little hamper of stuff for them: coffee and tea, biscuits, some nice natural hand/body lotion, some favourite snacks all for the early days. But might be a weird thing to bring to a shower when the baby hasn't arrived yet.

I found older baby clothes to be helpful (6-12 months size, obviously appropriate to the season) because I found I didn't have as many of those left for #2 as they got destroyed more than the baby clothes and they may not be the right season depending on when she is having her baby.

cocog · 23/06/2023 12:33

A lovely children’s book with a story you loved as a child would make a nice gift.

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