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Knitting help: cable cast on too tight!

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losenotloose · 22/06/2023 21:20

I'm starting a new project which tells me to use cable cast on. I've never done it before and have followed a tutorial. It seemed to be working but the stitches are so tight I couldn't knit them! What could I be doing wrong?

OP posts:
PawPrintsInMyPansies · 22/06/2023 21:50


it’s very easy to get the stitches too tight to start with. When casting on (and cable cast on is my favourite) I make sure the cast in row is very loose. You may need to play about a bit til you get it right. I also do 1 knit row after, before stating the pattern. (Have to remember to knit before casting off as well)

FatAgainItsLettuceTime · 22/06/2023 22:08

I tend to cast on tight so will often use a size larger needle for the cast on then move down to the correct size.

blueripple · 22/06/2023 23:27

It's a bit hard to explain, but when I use cable cast on I put the new loop on to the LH needle but leave it loose, then slide my RH needle back in between the previous stitch and new loop ready for the next cast on stitch before I pull the new loop tight. It creates a bit of extra space.

FussyPud · 22/06/2023 23:30

Same as @FatAgainItsLettuceTime, cast on using a half or full mm bigger needle, then slide them onto and knit using the size specified/for gauge. Another way is to hold a long, fine cable needle with the needle you’re casting your stitches onto, and when you’re done, slide it out leaving your slightly looser stitches ready to knit.

In time you’ll relax your tension, but because it’s a new technique tightness is fairly common.

isthewashingdryyet · 23/06/2023 06:32

I’d re do it, using a bigger needle and being careful not to pull the yarn tight at all. If it is a garment, it needs to stretch so you can get it on.

Catsmere · 23/06/2023 06:33

If you absolutely can’t get it loose enough, you could try an ordinary knit cast on. How loose does the edge need to be?

I use cable cast on for just about everything, and ignore directions to use provisional or long tail completely. 😄

ChickenRat · 23/06/2023 07:23

This is why I favour old Norwegian cast on. Took me a few attempts to get the hang of it (there's some brilliant YouTube tutorials) but so worth it, it's really versatile

losenotloose · 23/06/2023 11:21

Thanks for all the tips! I'm fine when I do long tail cast on. What's the point of cable cast on? And what is Norwegian cast on?! Thanks!

OP posts:
ChickenRat · 23/06/2023 11:37

Old Norwegian cast on (also called German Twisted) is like a long tail cast on but with an extra step. Stretchy and versatile

Catsmere · 23/06/2023 22:55

The cable cast on gives a neat, firm(ish) edge. It’s suitable for things that don’t need to be very stretchy and it’s simple, no measuring tails or twisting yarn around your fingers.

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