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Flightradar is showing BA207 to Miami circling off the Cornish coast

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BreehyHinnyBrinnyHoohyHah · 22/06/2023 16:38

The flight was from London to Miami but did a U-turn near Ireland and is now circling around the Cornish coast. Fuel dumping?

BA207 from London to Miami

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OP posts:
notimagain · 22/06/2023 20:23

Gorringe · 22/06/2023 19:36

how interesting! never knew such detail could be found!

I'm just going to pop up again mumble that that whilst I know what spotters get up around airports rebroadcasting/redistributing anything transmitted over the aviation frequencies over UK airspace, is AFAIK still illegal in the UK..

Ireland (where that tweet seems to have come from) might be OK and there are multiple sites that allow it in the States but the UK is a bit behind the times when it comes to some of the telecomms rules.

JustLurkingAway · 22/06/2023 20:23

Must be something with Munich...Dubai to Munich is also over Salzburg

DiscoBeat · 22/06/2023 20:27

Who cares?
Title was clear. Who clicks on a title they don't care about?

TinaYouFatLard · 22/06/2023 20:32

We were on a flight to St Lucia a few years ago. We’d just hit the Cornish coast when you could feel the plane banking quite hard and could see what we thought was smoke pouring from the wing area. It took several minutes (seemed like longer) before the captain came over the tannoy to tell us there was a medical emergency and we were returning to Heathrow. He also explained that the smoke was jettisoned fuel and we were all perfectly safe. Bloody terrifying.

theDudesmummy · 22/06/2023 20:37

Interesting thread, including the Irish plane spotter twitter feed! For the person who said who cares, lots do! Such negativity!

notimagain · 22/06/2023 20:41


He also explained that the smoke was jettisoned fuel

The fuel vaporises as it leaves the dump masts and becomes a mist - looks like smoke so it was always a good idea to do an announcement about what was going on to avoid people worrying..

and we were all perfectly safe.

Correct, you were.

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