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How can you boost your own self esteem?

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Depressedornot · 22/06/2023 08:01

Just this really! I’m a fully grown adult but doubt every decision I make!

How do you get high self esteem as an adult?

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Depressedornot · 22/06/2023 21:34


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GoogleMeNot · 22/06/2023 21:36

This sounds like me. I have severe imposter syndrome too. I've hired a career/life coach and she's helped me a lot.

Depressedornot · 23/06/2023 08:11

Oh that’s intriguing! I might look into that. thank you!

I actually found myself enjoying my children’s affirmations on a podcast they were listening to this morning! I thought maybe I’d listen to it with them each day!

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GoogleMeNot · 23/06/2023 08:29

That sounds like a great idea. I'm also considering cognitive behavior therapy but not cheap so I've not started yet.

Cutting negative people out of my life also helped by the way, lol.

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