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Is this a scam?

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SharkSip · 21/06/2023 20:07

I got this message earlier. I didn't click on the link.

I do a lot of my shopping online but I didn't receive an mail lately with a dispatch information and DHL.

I can't really figure out what purchase this would be. I think the only thing I am waiting on is a package from ASOS. I doubt that will be with me so soon. It gave me an estimate of next week for delivery.

I wonder if this is a scam?

The number is from what looks like a mobile number. I never got an email or message with tracking number for DHL so this looks dodgy to me.

I just want to double check with others here.

Is this a scam?
OP posts:
SalviaDivinorum · 21/06/2023 20:08

Yes. 100% scam

WeAreTheHeroes · 21/06/2023 20:11

Scam - you'll need to include card details to pay for redelivery or some such and they'll use those details to buy other things you'll be paying for.

vodkaredbullgirl · 21/06/2023 20:12


Pinkyjack · 21/06/2023 20:17

Definitely a scam there are loads of them in the last year or so it seems to me anyway.

Catsmere · 22/06/2023 04:17

Absolutely a scam. There are similar ones in Australia that even use the real Australia Post logo.

lljkk · 22/06/2023 05:51

I've had a royal mail version of OP's scam msg.

SharkSip · 22/06/2023 13:51

Thanks for the replies and for the reassurances that it's a scam. I was thinking that because I never received any email with dispatch and shipping with DHL.

OP posts:
UseOfWeapons · 22/06/2023 14:13

Definitely a scam - just forward to 7726 for spam reporting. I've had several of these.

Catsmere · 22/06/2023 23:34

I just had another this morning! “Aus Post is holding your mail because wrong address was supplied”. Bollocks it was.

Imissingrid · 23/06/2023 00:41

I find loads of them in my spam folders. All variations of the same thing.

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